Magnetic Winter Car Windshield Frost Guard Snow Ice Cover 2023

Magnetic Winter Car Windshield Frost Guard Snow Cover


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Magnetic Car Windscreen Frost Ice Protector Cover

Protecting the car windshield is one of the greatest problems out there while maintaining the car. There are numerous accessories to protect this windshield. On the other hand, one cannot trust any accessory to protect the windshield. Hence here in this article, we have this windshield cover for ice and snow.

How to protect the car windshield from dust and ice? You can always use this car windshield ice cover for easy protection.

Do you want to get 4 layer thickness protection on your windshield? Then this frost guard windshield cover is the most useful fit.

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  • Protection For Side Mirrors And Windshield: With this magnetic windshield snow cover you also get protection for your side mirrors. It protects your car from snow and also from UV rays. This windshield cover helps in protecting your car from the hardest weather and snowstorms.
  • Easy And Quick To Install: This special windshield ice cover is very easy and quick to install. You don’t need any technical assistance or even any guidance to install this windshield cover over the windscreen. This is quick and will save your time and is also very cost-effective.
  • 4 Layer Durable Protection: With this best windshield cover for snow you will get durable layered protection over your windscreen that will protect the screen from the harsh and the hardest particles of the snow. The outer fabric is very resistant to water and hence you can always trust the build quality to last longer.
  • Special Anti Theft Design: The Car Windshield Snow Cover for Ice Frost has numerous magnetic clips attached to the inner side. These magnetic clips don’t allow the windshield protector to slide down the main screen. The special 4 layer windshield snow cover will stick to the glass without being tempered and also doesn’t leave any sign on the glass.
  • Multifunctional: This frost shield for cars is not only protective regarding the snow but it will also protect your glass from water and other such stains. It protects the windshield glass and even the people sitting inside the car from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. It will also protect your glass from dust and even dried leaves.

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  • It provides proper cover and protection from snow and other unwanted particles to your windshield.
  • It protects the glass and interior of the car from harmful UV radiation and other such reactions.
  • Different stains and dust particles could be avoided by this windshield cover.
  • The magnetic edges will never let the windshield protector fall off.
  • This car windshield snow cover has four-layered protection which keeps your windscreen safe.
  • You will also get additional cover for your side mirrors. (With mirror variant)
  • This windshield snow protector protects your car from harsh and strong weather.
  • The installation is very easy and quick.

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  • Material: Aluminum Laminated Films
  • Size: 193 x 116cm

Buy best cover for windshield to prevent ice & frost.

Packaging Includes:

  • 1 X Car Winter Windshield Frost Snow Cover

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Magnetic car windshield frost guard snow ice cover


Aluminum Laminated Films


Automotive Windshield Snow Covers


– Winter car windshield snow ice cover
– Frost guard windshield cover
– Summer car windshield sun shade cover
– All weather windshield cover

16 reviews for Magnetic Winter Car Windshield Frost Guard Snow Cover

  1. B***u

    Very good and efficient. Thank you a lot.

  2. A***u

    It got here real quick!

  3. 9***r

    Do the job! Good product.

  4. R***A

    The cover looks solid and covers the windshield renault clio 4 well. The 3 magnets seem a little fair in case of strong wind. Fast delivery.

  5. 3***r

    Well received. To try now to see if it’s okay.

  6. S***r

    Been using cardboard,and that works,and just got this and put it on just now,and its very cold thease days. And it fits perfectly. I know it will work and I love it‍♀️❄☃️

  7. 3***r

    The product is very good.

  8. 5***r

    Came much earlier than promised. Good condition. I hope it won’t let you down in bad weather. It’s a pleasure to work with you.

  9. A***v

    It’s great, it’s perfect for Kia Sportage 2, while I used it in winter in snow, but it will probably also come in handy in summer, it saves from snow and ice, you don’t need to sweep and scrape anything

  10. V***o

    I take it for the second time on Logan. The first one serves the 5th year and has already become spoiled. Silver material bursts. The only minus is weak magnets (do not hold anything) and a small number of them. I ordered 8 magnets separately and sewn around the perimeter of the case.

  11. S***l

    it works as per description

  12. K***n

    The product is of good quality.

  13. 1***r

    The product arrived with a delay. The product itself is excellent, packed very well.

  14. E***v

    Bulk cover

  15. Customer

    Good quality! Adapts very well.

  16. P***e

    Quality item, nice protection for winter and certainly Summer also

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