Magnetic Mini GSM/GPRS Real Time GPS GF-07 Car Tracker Locator

Mini GSM/GPRS Magnetic Real Time GPS GF-07 Car Tracker Locator


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Magnetic Mini GPS GF-07 Real Time Tracking Device

Keep Track Of Your Vehicles & Loved Ones


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GF-07 Real-Time GPS Tracking For Vehicles:

This real-time GPS tracker for car is the most important thing that you can buy today to protect the most important things and people near and dear to your heart.

Have you ever felt that breathtaking moment in your life, when you believe that you have lost something or someone who was part of your life?

At that exact instant… Wouldn’t you love to be able to whip out your smartphone and find the location of your loved ones or your belongings?

Obviously, you would! This cutting-edge and Best Mini Real Time GPS Car Tracker enables you to follow your friends, family, and resources when you can’t be near.

Buy best mini GPS GF-07 tracker in US, UK, CA, NZ, AU, FI, GE, DE, GR, HU, IS, IE, IL, IT, NL, NO, PL, PR, ES, SG, SE, CH, TR, UA, AT, BY, BE, HR, CZ with free shipping worldwide.
GPS GF-07 Tracker (Shipped From United States)

Regardless of whether it’s your kid coming back home from school, a wife or girlfriend coming back from the office, a friend, a teenage driver, or organization resources, with this real-time magnetic car tracker GPS innovation, you always stay updated with the latest location.

What’s more, since it also gives location updates as frequently as 5 seconds, you can undoubtedly follow moving individuals, resources, and vehicles.

Order best GSM/GPRS GF-07 GPS tracker using credit card, debit card, Venmo, after pay, or PayPal.

As GPS technology matured and this equipment called the real-time GPS tracking device became more widespread, more and more companies are using these nowadays for tracking their corporate vehicles and to keep track of there employees. This mini GPS tracking device will help you in tracking the most important things around you. Let’s talk about some more benefits:

  • This trendy portable GPS Tracker includes an eye-catching detail however is an agreeable fit for regular use.
  • Upgrade your vehicle’s protection with an exquisite GPS tracker. Its mini compact design brings an easy style to both cars and trucks.

Buy new mini GSM/GPRS GPS GF 07 car tracking device in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands.

  • The exceptionally frightening event of a lost vehicle will dependably be helped with this viable anti theft GPS tracker.
  • Solid external premium material adds a strong vibe to its general grasp. The carefully assembled development guarantees that every tracker is quality confirmed.
  • A lightweight and water-safe cover makes it perfect for use while you’re following in a bad climate.

Cheapest GF-07 mini tracking device for car online.

  • Shows the exact location on your smartphone down to a five-foot radius.
  • The compact size goes anywhere. Attaches to vehicle or belt or Insert in a backpack.Shop GF07 magnetic mini GPS at lowest price.
  • Simply add to your prized ownership and never lose track again! Also, with its smooth finishing, it is difficult to detect by anyone!

Buy mini GPS GF-07trackers for car safety.

How To Setup GF07 Real Time Mini GPS Tracker:

  • Open the SIM card cover according to the directions given and insert the SIM card.
  • Insert the memory card in the memory card slot.
  • The tracker will automatically get switched ON with the blinking of the red led light four times.
  • It will take around 30 seconds to enter into a standby state.
  • Flashing light indicates a low battery. When power is low the indicator of the GPS tracker will blink very fast.
  • You have to connect or bind your master mobile number with the GF07 GPS tracker number by sending 000 as a text message to the GF07 GPS tracker number from your mobile.

Buy best GPS GF-07 tracker for car online in US, UK, CA, NZ, AU, FI, GE, DE, GR, HU, IS, IE, IL, IT, NL, NO, PL, PR, ES, SG, SE, CH, TR, UA, AT, BY, BE, HR, CZ with free shipping worldwide.

How To Use GF-07 Mini GPS Spy Tracker:

  • Step 1: All you need is a working SIM card (not included in the package!) to be inserted into the gadget, at that point you can track and guide (using Google Maps) continuously over the Internet.
  • Step 2: Dial the SIM card number, at that point you can hear the voice around the location of this tracker, with no light and no noise, this hidden magnetic GPS tracker for a car can easily monitor and spy what’s happening around the tracker quietly and subtly.
  • Step 3: Voice Recording Function: Send instant message 555 to the SIM card number that is inserted in the device, it will answer to a message “Snd” and begin recording.
  • You can also dial the GPS tracker number directly and you will be able to hear the sound around the GF07 tracker. GF07 tracker itself will not emit any sound or light in the inquiry.
  • To perform the different functions you have to send a text message to the SIM Card number that is inserted in that GPS Tracker.
  1. Send 555 to start recording.
  2. Send 666 to stop recording.
  3. Send 777 to receive the location via a link to Google Map.
  4. Send 445 to delete the recording.
  5. Send 444 to reset the phone number.
  6. Send 888 to check the status of the mini GF07 tracking device. (Device status ON or OFF, battery capacity, binding number, signal strength, boot frequency, GPRS, TF card capacity, etc.)
  7. Send 999 to reboot and reset the device.
  8. Send 102 and you will get a reply from the device with account and password details, with the help of which you can check logs on to the website (It’s FREE) and it needs to operate on a computer, you can check the real-time position of the GPS locator.

Buy best & premium quality GSM/GPRS GF-07 GPS tracker online in US, UK, CA, NZ, AU, FI, GE, DE, GR, HU, IS, IE, IL, IT, NL, NO, PL, PR, ES, SG, SE, CH, TR, UA, AT, BY, BE, HR, CZ with free shipping worldwide.

Note: SIM card and MicroSD card are not included.

Specifications Of Magnetic Spy GPS Tracker Device:

  • Working time: About 4-6 days
  • Standby time: About 12 days
  • Dimension: 42x25x20mm(Approx.)
  • Network format: GSM/GPRS
  • GPRS: Upload60, TCP/IP
  • Color: Black (As shown in pictures)
  • Voltage: DC 3.4-4.2V
  • Battery: lithium battery(Installed)
  • Antenna type: Built-in
  • Alarm mode: SOS alarm, mobile alarm
  • GPS positioning accuracy: About 10m
  • GSM positioning time: 25 seconds


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Guide
GPS resembles a safety belt, you may not believe that you need it, until the day that you do. At that point, you remember your good fortune for having it set up.
Why released your friends and family unprotected one more day? Kindly don’t give the day a chance to come when you need this yet don’t have it.
Handheld and vehicle purpose. Utilized broadly for a vehicle, individual, and for tracking other moving objects.
Shipped From United States
Now, never lose your most precious things! Order Now!

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Trend Volt


GSM/GPRS Magnetic Real-Time Mini GPS GF-07 Tracker Locator


2021 (Upgraded)


Mini GPS Trackers For Cars

Shipped From

The United States Using FEDEX


Mini GPS GF-07 is made up of high-quality ABS plastic.

Package Includes

1 * GF07 Magnetic Mini GPS Real Time Tracking Locator
1 * User Manual
1 * Premium USB Cable

21 reviews for Mini GSM/GPRS Magnetic Real Time GPS GF-07 Car Tracker Locator

  1. Cin Clinton

    This is an excellent device it works great I love it

  2. RoseFire

    Among the four vehicles in my household two are parked on the street three blocks away. I need a GPS tracker to alert me of potential tempering and to help me locate the vehicle if stolen.

  3. Stokes Elena

    It was very easy installation for me .

  4. Tucker Natalie

    Set up wasn’t perfect but once you figure it out it works great

  5. David Fazzari

    Product is great easy to set up and user friendly. Great purchase!

  6. Keshawn

    This tracker is the best tracker that I have ever bought. The set up is easy and you’ll love it.

  7. Janice Gordon

    Product arrived on time in attractive packaging. Easy to install with strong magnet.

  8. Roxanne Marie

    I always prefer quality over quantity. I bought a GPS tracker a month ago from another store and it never worked. It was just fake. This one is wonderful. I recommend this store

  9. Tarin G

    the device came as described and contained everything

  10. D. Garcia

    This unit performs as advertised.

  11. Brenda May

    This device works perfect

  12. Shelly

    great product it absolutely works.

  13. Remelyn Stanley

    Had it for 5 weeks And product works fine . I have no problem with it

  14. Josefina Juarez

    This gives me the peace of mind at a very reasonable price.

  15. Lorena Gobbato

    Good quality

  16. Lazara Katz

    Easy and painless setup

  17. Nikki

    Thanks as per the description

  18. Jessica

    Loved it

  19. Lisa Lafrom

    all in all this product is great.

  20. Sarah

    The tracker works very well especially in adverse conditions.

  21. Farrah Guthrie

    I am using it to track my teenage son.

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