Reusable Silicone Super Sticky Gripping Anti Gravity Adhesive Gel Pads

Reusable Silicone Mount Super Sticky Gripping Anti Gravity Adhesive Gel Pads


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Reusable Silicone Super Sticky Gripping Anti Gravity Adhesive Gel Pads

Sticky gel pads are multi-purpose double-sided adhesive pads used to bring moving or sliding objects to a standstill. It is your perfect partner for holding keys, mobiles, tablets, etc. It is designed to stick to anything, anywhere. It is a great replacement for nails and hooks and it doesn’t leave a mark on the surface. Use these silicone sticky gel pads in the car for easy GPS navigation, charging, and other entertainment purposes.

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Adhesive gripping gel pads


  • Versatile: Super sticky gripping pads can be used almost everywhere, in your home, in the car, in offices, etc. It can adhere to flat surfaces such as glass, walls, plastic, tile, etc. It works equally well on rough surfaces as it does on smooth flat surfaces.
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Super sticky non-slip silicone gel pads
  • Premium Quality: High-quality silica gel provides maximum durability and stickiness.
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Premium quality anti-slip adhesive silicone pads.
  • High Strength: Sticky pads show high viscosity and strong holding capacity which make them more useful.
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Brand new gel adhesive pads.
  • Easily removable: It leaves no removal substance or marks after removal. Ensures no damage to your car’s leather covers or dashboard.  You won’t be able to trace where you have stuck it.
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Silicone anti-slip gel pads
  • Reusable: You can wash these anti gravity pads with water. The viscosity of the pad will recover as soon as it dries. Hence, a single pad can be used repeatedly. Our improved formula retains adhesive capabilities completely.
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Self-adhesive gel pads
  • Temperature Tolerant: These pads tend to stay in shape even at high temperatures. They will not melt or deform.
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Adhesive silicone pads
  • Completely Safe: Odorless, non-toxic silicone sticky gel pads are safe for children and pets.
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Non slip silicone pads
  • Easy to use: It is easy to stick and remove.
  • Wide Application: These flexible and convenient super sticky anti-gravity pads have wide applications, you can paste it easily where you want to. It can be used as a car bracket.

Friendly Advice: Reusable adhesive gel pads tend to lose their adhesiveness due to dirt and dust over time. Please wash and reuse it for maximum stickiness.

How to use it?

  1. Remove the protective film of a side and align it to the target surface.
  2. Stick on the surface and gently press it to stick it evenly and completely.
  3. Remove the protective film on another side and stick objects to it.
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Silicone non-slip pads.

Things to remember before using

  • If you are trying to hold heavy objects with it, use multiple pads as more surface area will help to hold heavier objects. And try it in a safe environment where the object is minimally susceptible to damage.
  • Avoid using it on wet or porous surfaces, or old wallpapers.


  • Size: 8*8cm/3.15*3.15inch (approx.)
  • Weight: 13g (approx.)
  • Shape: Circle
  • Material: Silicone / PU
  • Uses: For home and car usage
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Premium quality sticky gel pad for mobile phone.

Package Includes:

  • 10 Pcs x Car Anti-Slip Pad
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Super strong sticky pads

Usage is subject to your innovative imagination and discovery. Let us know more about your discoveries by adding a review.

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Material Type

Silica Gel

21 reviews for Reusable Silicone Mount Super Sticky Gripping Anti Gravity Adhesive Gel Pads

  1. Cori 

     SO COOL!!

  2. Tesha 

    Holds my phone to the side of my computer and comes off just as easily.

  3. Melaine 

    These pads are amazing. We are using them for our soap dispensers, napkin holders, spice rack, plastic garbage can, and more.

  4. Araceli 

    Exceeded my expectations!

  5. Trisha 

    Easy to take off and reuse.

  6. Reena

    These things are awesome. They leave no residue and holding items nicely.

  7. Araceli 

    You can cut them if you need smaller piece

  8. Mario 

    I love these pads! I used to have to pack and unpack things like my little succulents and air freshener every single trip. A real pain! With these pads they stay in place no matter how bumpy the road ( well maybe not in PA with roads built as a torture track for the Moon Rover)! 

  9. Jeanne 


  10. Paulita 

    Love this item!! Used it immedicately on a large clock on wall to help support it from rocking side to side and
    nothing elese has ever worked due to the shape of the Large Wall Clock and this did the trick!!
    i can’t wait to use this product on other projects as I unpack my boxes in my new home!!!

  11. Kasey G. Robnett

    More than anything, very cool!

  12. William Dean Huffstutler

    Great resticking power

  13. Meghann 

    Super sticky! I use it to hold my cell phone in the car. Looking forward to all other uses. Note: make sure both surfaces are clean and smooth. I lost one side of velcro, so I tried substituting gel pad. Nope. Didn’t stick.

  14. Kevin 

     The sticky pads can resolve with ease and in an unexpected way a lot of little problems.

  15. Theresa

    Would recommend these.

  16. Rayford 

    I was not sure if I would like these or not. They arrived today and they are of nice quality, and I can definitely say I would reorder them. Very unique.

  17. Darrell 

    Love the ease to apply the sticky pads, their form, and thickness. I used them to attach fabric to the wall of my daughter’s room. It was quick, clean, very effective and elegant.

  18. Marceline Lillibridge

    exactly as advertised and you can cut them to different sizes! 

  19. Carmina 

    wow, these are awesome!

  20. Lissa 

    Love these super sticky gripping pads

  21. Sebastian 

    These are great, I’ve been looking for something to hold down things my cat keeps knocking over…now they stay put

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