Horizontal Long Lasting Red Hummingbird Bar Feeding Tubes 2023

Horizontal Long Lasting Red Humming Bird Bar Feeding Tubes


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Horizontal Long Lasting PVC Made Red Humming Bird Bar Feeder Tubes

Are you a nature lover who loves to feed birds? If yes, then go for this hummingbird feeder tube as it will not only beautify your yard but will also attract hummingbirds to your garden. It is a modern way to feed hummingbirds and looks attractive as compared to traditional hummingbird feeders. Now, you might be thinking about the benefits of using this modern hummingbird feeder tube and its advantages. So before we go further, let’s have a look at its features:


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1) Durable: This hummingbird feeder tube is made of up-high standard quality material with a smooth surface. It is a transparent long tube that attracts many other birds such as Hooded Orioles, Acorn Woodpeckers, and yellow-rumped Warblers. Also, it allows you to monitor nectar volume easily through transparent material. An additional hanging loop makes it easy to hang anywhere.


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2) Unique and Intimate Design: Being simple in design and horizontal tube attracts the hummingbird easily. Since it comprises no crevices and a smooth interior, it is easy to clean. You just need to pass a garden hose through it and it gets cleaned in no time.


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3) Perfect Specifications: 40 cm, 50 cm, and 60 cm long tubes can meet all your hummingbird feeders’ needs. Big holes enough for a hummingbird to feed, make it one of the best hummingbird feeder tubes. It can feed approximately a dozen of hummingbirds at one time. The holes in this PVC hummingbird feeder are at different angles making it convenient for the birds to feed. Moreover, there is proper spacing between the two holes that maximize hummingbird visitors.

4) Easy To Use and Install: Having a hanging loop makes it easy to hang wherever you find suitable. Also, there is no hard and fast rule behind using it. Simply mount it below a window with closet rod brackets and you are done.


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All these features make it easy for you to feed the hummingbirds without much effort. Now, check the amazing benefits of using this product and getting rid of feeding the birds manually.


1) One Feeder For Dozen Hummingbirds: If you truly want more hummingbirds to visit your yard, just hang this horizontal, long, flute-type feeder tube and give access to at least a dozen of a hummingbird for feeding. It comprises several flower-shaped feeding ports making it easy for the birds to feed nectar provided by you. Moreover, the perfect positions of feeding ports allow many birds to feed at one time. Just hang this hummingbird feeder tube and watch beautiful birds feeding at the same time.

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2) Easy Filling and Hanging: Provided with two adjustable cords, it is easy to install in the yard at any convenient location. Make sure to fill the tube at the correct level. Once you fill the red hummingbird bar at the correct level, fill it halfway with the hummingbird nectar with the help of a small funnel provided with the tube. After this, put the rubber stopper back into the hole and sit back to relax. Hungry hummingbirds will surely arrive at the tube for food making you feel good.

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The humming bird feeding tube is approximately 2-foot-deep making you fill the tube with enough nectar at one time only. when the level of nectar drops down, you need not worry as hummingbirds use their long beaks to reach the nectar level just like they do in flowers.

3) Comfortable Design: Hard plastic and durable rubber make it shatterproof. Also, the transparent tube allows you to monitor the nectar level easily. The bright red colored flower port covers attract the bird easily while the hanging cords help the hummingbirds identify the feeder easily.


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If you are in much love with birds and are looking forward to exploring a different experience, go for the hummingbird feeder tube. On a personal experience, we recommend you try this feeding tube at least once. It is a good quality product with customer reviews. Till time, we can attract so many hummingbirds. It is perfect to be hanged anywhere and allows the birds to feed easily.

In conclusion, you can shift to this modern feeder from a traditional feeder to save your time and effort. It is high time to get rid of feeding the birds manually.


Horizontal Long Lasting Red Hummingbird Bar Feeding Tubes


Wild Bird Feeders


Trend Volt


PVC Plastic


40 CM, 50 CM, and 60 CM

21 reviews for Horizontal Long Lasting Red Humming Bird Bar Feeding Tubes

  1. Cori 

    Pretty great hummingbird feeder long tube.

  2. Morton

    The perfect quality humming bird bar feeder tubes!

  3. Karolyn

    I love this feeder. You can clearly see the hummingbirds feed through the transparent tube. It does not leak and holds lots of food.

  4. Nena

    Genius product! Easy hanging, great addition!

  5. Isabel

    Love this horizontal tube hummingbird feeder

  6. Debbie

    So easy and feels good to watch hummingbirds eating & playing.

  7. Kiera

    Very nice bird feeder

  8. Araceli 

    Exceeded my expectations!

  9. Reena

    Bought this for my mother. My mother loves looking out the dining room window watching humming birds. This is a very durable and quality product with a great value.

  10. Kaleva

    The hummers will love it

  11. Tesha 

    Love em!

  12. Mario 

    We bought this because our kids love to see birds.

  13. Jeanne 

    Adds glorious scenery to your yard with inviting friends to keep you company.

  14. Cassy

    More than anything, very cool!

  15. Finlay

    This is a premium quality product.

  16. Becky

    Great Product – Does what it says, and is easy

  17. Josie

    I like these!

  18. Deepa

    Would recommend these.

  19. Martina

    What an absolutely amazing product!

  20. Baran

    Amazing, and not bulky

  21. Silvanus

    This is a wonderful product! It was as easy to use as they said

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