Best Professional Plant Vine Tying Gardening Tape Tool Machine 2023

Professional Plant Tying Tape Tool Machine


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Plant Vine Upright Binding Tying Strapper Tape Tool Machine

Do you spend lots of time and effort tying your plants to give them a professional look?

If you have lots of raspberry, loganberry, and grapevines then this plant tying tape tool machine will make tying up of these plants much easier. This plant tying machine makes your job way easier and faster than using the plant twisting and doing it by hand. This plant tying tape machine lets you easily and safely attach stems and branches to support stakes, lines, and trellises. It works great for branches, vines, and stalks up to 1½” in diameter.

This plant tying gardening tape tool cost less time and tie the branches firmly without damaging the tender stems and vines or scratching your hands. This is the best vine tying tool and suitable for home gardeners, nurserymen, tree growers, vineyards, and orchards.

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This professional plant tying machine makes trellising your plants much more efficient than using zip ties, velcro and cable ties.

Benefits & Features:

  • Environment Friendly: This tape of this plant upright tying tapetool is made up of biodegradable material, so it recycles directly back into the planet. This tape tool for the garden is made from durable manganese steel.
  • Saves Time & Cost-Effective: This vine tying tool saves your time and effort to give that desirable uniform and professional appearance by securing high-value standards. One binding machine can save 3 labors.
  • Wide Uses: You can use this professional plant tying machine to tie all kinds of branches, vines crops such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, eggplant, and much more.
  • Adjustable Tape Circle: You can easily adjust the opening of the tape circle at any time depending on how much you need each time which can fit different plants.
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Durable build and lightweight trellising tape tool 2022.
  • Easy to Use: This plant tape tool is a single-handed operation. You can easily tie plants to support sticks and lines. It is easy to operate, has high efficiency, and will not damage the plant. You simply need to load the plant tying tool with the staples and adhesive red/blue tape. Then pressing firmly on the handgrip, squeeze until you hear a snapping sound.
  • High efficiency: This vine tying machine is a great tool to have in a greenhouse, garden, or summer house. This garden tape tool greatly improves your efficiency, saves labor costs, and saves time as well.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: How to use the plant tape tool?

Answer: Step1: Hold the handgrip of the plant tape tool and press down with force when you hear a voice of “da”.

Step 2: The tape of the plant upright tying tape tool is secured by a hook, now loosen the handgrip to take out the tape. Make sure that you don’t use excessive force.

Step 3: The branch of the crop needs to be bind overlap from wire and other materials, and tie both of them with the tape, and quickly press down the handgrip by force.

Step 4: After cutting the adhesive tape off you should loosen the handgrip quickly and make a redundant small tape to spring out.

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Question 2: How to maintain the garden tape tool?

Answer: a). If the blade of the professional plant vines tying binding tape tool machine is not able to cut the belt, please use a long flat nose plier to pull out the used blade and change a new one.

b). When the staple in the plant tying tape machine is blocked, you can use a nipper or small screwdriver to get it out.

c). Add lubricant oil to every joint if the vine tying machine is not used for a long time.

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  • Material: Manganese Steel & Plastic
  • Color: Green/Red, Green/Blue, Yellow/Red, and Yellow/Blue
  • Item Size: Approx. 34.3 cm / 13.5 inch
  • Package Weight: Approx. 680 g / 23.9 oz

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Tape Tool For Binding Plant Vines
  • 10000 Pcs x Nails
  • 10 Pcs x Tapes (Blue / Red)

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What are you waiting for? Just go through the plant tying tapetool tapener machine reviews by clicking on the review tab and order this plant strapper tool online now before the stock lasts. This tying machine for plants ensures a very tidy and highly professional presentation without spending lots of time and money. This plant tying tape tool easily ties plants to support stakes and lines and provides a secure tie, ensuring security for valuable vines and trees.

Farmers can easily operate using one hand only and it is convenient to carry from one place to another. This best vine tying tool allows you to attach grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, and the branches of the plant to any supporting stake or line.

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