Unique Christmas Wooden Vintage Manger Nativity Scene Sets

Bring Divinity With Unique Olive Wood Christmas Vintage Manger Nativity Scene Sets

Christmas! The word that brings happiness to the face and twinkle in the eyes. No matter how old you are. The season of festivity, a reason to spread love, peace, and joy. Christmas is not a religious day, but it is an emotion, it’s a feeling of joy and pleasure that cannot be merely explained in few words.

Thoughts get sloped! What we remember is happiness, peace, stars, angels, gifts, Christmas trees, lightings, decorations, Santa Claus, the baby Jesus the messiah of the holy spirit, mother Mary, and father Joseph.

One of the main reasons, we have the custom of giving and receiving gifts at Christmas, is to remind us of the gifts given to Jesus by the three wise men. If you don’t know about the wise men, let me tell you the small story at the time when Jesus Christ was born.

Christmas Presents And Birth of Jesus Christ

Once there lived a young Jewish girl named “Mary”. She was engaged to get married to “Joseph”. Mary witnessed something divine and strange. God sent angel “Gabriel” to inform Mary about the baby she is going to carry, who would not have a human father but will be the child of the holy spirit. He also said that the child will be the King of the Jews and his name would be “Jesus Christ”. He would be the child of the highest and he would reign forever.

On learning about Mary expecting a child, Joseph was upset. Angel appeared to Joseph as well. They urged Joseph to take care of Mary and he would be the human father of the holy child. Joseph obeyed God’s instructions and left with Mary to their hometown Jerusalem to pay taxes as per the new law imposed. He could not find a place to stay as all the inns were full. So, they walked a few miles away from the city and found a manger in a barn that was built to accommodate cattle and livestock as per what is mentioned in the Gospels of Luke and Matthews.

It was a silent night! Mary and Joseph were just about to witness the birth of the holy child. Here he was. The embodiment of peace, divinity the redeemer. A star was twinkling so bright. Millions of angels danced, sung, and jumped in happiness. They carried the good news to the shepherds nearby. They were told about the baby who will be wrapped in clothes laid in a manger and that he would be a divine being. It was a testimony of what the angels told them.

Few kings assumed to be three(Melchior, Gaspar, Balthazar) also referred to as “Magi”, said to be magicians or astrologers who had known that a divine child would be born were waiting for this holy event. They understood the birth of Jesus Christ by seeing the star that shown so bright, they kvell. They decked up and carried expensive gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and myrrh from the east to worship the newly born king of Jews.

Beautiful Christmas Wooden Vintage Manger Nativity Scene Sets For Your Home (Made In Bethlehem)

Buy this deluxe hand carved olive wood nativity set from Bethlehem for your home or consider gifting it to your loved ones, just like the three wise men gifted expensive gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and myrrh to Jesus.

What is a Nativity Scene?

Recreating the event/scene when the holy child was born is called “Nativity Scene”. Resuscitating the day when the holy child was born brings the same delight and triumph that could have been on the very first Christmas. As a part of the celebration, people from every nook and cranny, try their level best to rejuvenate the city and revive the day Jesus Christ was born. During the initial days, the live nativity scene was in practice too. Careful reminiscence of the smallest detail makes us feel that we were a part of the Godly instance.

Who is in the Nativity Scene?

There are distinctive ways of recreating the nativity scene. The beliefs, myths, culture, and logic differ across the world. Predominantly, Saint Joseph, Mother Mary, Infant Jesus, Shepherds, Three wise men, and their camels, angel, donkey, and ox are present.

Where did the Nativity Scene originate?

The very first nativity scene was created by St Francis of Assissi in the year 1223 after getting the concurrence of Pope Honorius III. It was in a village in Italy named Greco. The nearby villagers were invited and they goggled with amusement at the precious moment nativity scene. In less than a few centuries, building up a nativity scene started popping across Europe and other parts of the world.

What did the real nativity scene look like?

As per the Gospels of Luke and Matthews, not all the characters we incorporate in the current date nativity scene were present on the night baby of Bethlehem was born. The presence of Flying angels, Shepherds, animals, three wise men is unknown. It is also believed that the three wise men met the holy Christ a year or two after he was born.

How to arrange and set up a nativity scene?

There are two different ways a nativity scene can be set up. Either the whole set up can be done just before Christmas with all the characters at once or the characters can be gradually appended symbolizing when they came to meet the holy child as per what is mentioned in the Gospels. Generally, Saint Joseph, Mother Mary, and the Infant Jesus Christ are placed at the center in a warm light for better visibility of each character. The animals, shepherds, three wise men, angels are set up as if they are conversing. This brings liveliness to the entire nativity scene background.

Here are some nativity scene images or pictures below, from which you can take an idea to set up your own 13 pieces faceless olive wood nativity set.

When do you put baby Jesus in the nativity scene?

As a practice, in baby Jesus’s nativity scene, infant Jesus will be placed in the crib on the midnight of Christmas eve depicting the birth time of the holy child.

How many shepherds are there in the nativity scene?

There is no specific count for the nativity scene characters. There can be any number of characters incorporated in the scene except for the three kings, sometimes the whole village is also included as part of the nativity scene.

Our graceful miniature olivewood nativity set comes with 1 shepherd.

How to make a nativity scene out of wood?

Do you want to make a DIY unique and beautiful wooden nativity set? Here is a very simple DIY video to make a wooden nativity scene by yourself. You can also involve your kids and children to make this nativity set.


Why Olive wood is used for nativity sets?

Olive wood is majorly used to carve nativity sets as these woods are commonly found in the holy town of Bethlehem. It is resistant to any kind of decay and can be easily handled and carved when compared to the rest of the wood with minimal and simple hand tools.

Where to buy wooden nativity sets?

Here is our “wooden outdoor nativity scene”. Carefully designed and handcrafted. Made of olive wood straight from the holy town. The felicitous size and finish, of each character, would be befitting any place perfectly. Please click the button below to get a set of divinity.

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