Reusable Floating Pet Fur Catcher & Laundry Washing Machine Lint Trap

Reusable Floating Pet Fur Catcher & Laundry Washing Machine Lint Trap


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Floating Lint Hair and Pet fur catcher for Washing Machine

Are you tired of seeing your pet’s fur floating on your washing machine? Have they clogged your drain outlet too?

Do you struggle to take out your clothes’ lint from the washing machine?

Let us help you!

We, present you with a floating pet fur and lint catcher to ease your problem.

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What it is?

Floating pet fur catcher mesh bag is easy to use which floats in your washing machine. Mesh is designed in such a way to trap lint and pet fur floating in the washing machine. It is eco-friendly, easy to clean, durable device would save you from pinpointing every hair in the washing machine thereby making it the hair remover for laundry.

Think of the time this tiny tool would save for you.

Washing machine lint trap will swirl in your machine with your clothes and the mesh in it would entrap the unwanted lint and hairs. This helpful friend of yours could be then easily removed and opened to dispose of these minuscule particles. It’s absolute miracle for those with fluffy pets.

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Features Of Floating Pet Fur Catcher For Filtering Hair:

  • Premium Quality: High-quality tapered mesh bag with fine mesh and durable polyester material.

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  • When washing clothes with a washing machine, this washing machine hair catcher can absorb hair crumbs in the clothes, thread, debris to the net, make your clothes cleaner.

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  • The washing machine floating lint mesh bag can be filled with the washing powder, and with the continuous rotation of the water flow, it will completely dissolve the washing powder and helps in producing dense foam.

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  • Useful for small portable washers and if you are having problems with lint.

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  • It’s easy to clean and floats right on top of the clothes, will not damage clothing.

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  • Prevent Clogging: This laundry hair catcher gathers hair and debris before they go down the drain outlet and it never let sundries, debris, hair to escape & block your washing machine drains.

How to use a washing machine hair catcher?

How To Use Floating Pet Fur Catcher For The Washing Machine?

  • Step 1: Place it in the washing machine along with your clothes. We recommend using multiple pieces at once depending upon the number of clothes and if your washer is greater than 7kg capacity.
  • Step 2: Put washing powder in lint catcher for washer. Please maintain a higher water level than your clothes.
  • Step3: Once clothes are washed, take them out. Please remove it before drying.
  • Step 4: Dispose of the debris material and clean the mesh.

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Specifications of Pet Hair Remover For Laundry:

  • Body Material: Polyester / PP + Dacron
  • Mesh Material: Foam, Nylon, and Plastic
  • Colors: Orange, Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Green
  • Mesh Size: 10 – 15cm
  • Diameter: 8cm – 12cm
  • Depth: 12 – 14cm

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Package Included:

  • 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 10 Pcs x Washing Machine Floating Lint Trap Bags

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So, what are you waiting for? Free yourself from routine washing machine drain clogging problems using this washing machine lint trap. Check floating pet fur catcher reviews now.

Product Name

Washing Machine Floating Lint Trap




Laundry Lint Hair Catcher

21 reviews for Reusable Floating Pet Fur Catcher & Laundry Washing Machine Lint Trap

  1. Cori 

    Absolutely worth it!

  2. Tesha 

    The real deal

  3. Melaine 

    Super functional!

  4. Araceli 

    Pet owners rejoice!

  5. Trisha 


  6. Reena

    Lint Be Gone – So Simple and Effective

  7. Araceli 

    used them and they work like a champ!

  8. Mario 

    Works way better then expected.

  9. Jeanne 

    Wow I did not realize how much crap is on our clothes! I know the dryer catches lint, but these caught all kinds of stuff – little crap that can clog up the washing machine. Worth it!

  10. Paulita 

    Game Changer.

  11. Kasey G. Robnett

    I wasn’t sure about these, but after adopting a dog everything we own is covered in dog hair.

  12. William Dean Huffstutler

    The top portion is very easy for her to chew on. Mu daughter has had a habit of sucking on her middle two fingers since around a month and i am very happy with these mittens. We keep this one while she is taking a nap too.

  13. Meghann 

    If you have a countertop apartment washer, these are a must

  14. Kevin 

     It works

  15. Theresa

    I recommend these.

  16. Rayford 

    I bought these to help reduce the amount of lint that transfers from the washer to the dryer. 

  17. Darrell 

    Well worth it!

  18. Marceline Lillibridge

    Really catches the animal fur and hair well

  19. Carmina 

    Love these things! 

  20. Lissa 

    These traps catch a surprising amount of lint, no problems with durability. Definitely recommend!

  21. Sebastian 

    Very handy and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much lint and pet hair they catch in my top load washing machine. 

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