Extendable Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool With LED Light 2024

Extendable Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool With LED Light


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Portable Retractable Extendable Telescopic Magnet Pen Pick Up Tool

It could be tough to remove stuck nuts and bolts. We understand this problem; hence we have this telescoping magnetic stick pickup tool with led light that can help in the easy removal of such structures. These handy pickup devices have special attachments and even a great design that can help you out. This pickup tool has multiple features. We have mentioned some of them out here that will help you to make your selection.

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  • Magnetic Attachment: The magnetic attachment is present with the unique telescoping magnetic stick pickup tool with led light. This helps in the quick removal of the bolts and nuts. The different variants with different magnetic efficiencies are available, and you can trust the power of this retractable magnet stick. The magnets are very quick with their action and also will extract the roots of the nuts in seconds.

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  • Durable Material: The retractable magnet stick is made up of stainless steel, which itself makes the device very durable. One always wants a good and long-lasting tool while working. If the material is not very durable, then it might break very quickly, and hence you cannot use it in harsh conditions. The contact area is also good, and hence you can also use it with big bolts.

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  • LED Lights: Some variants of the telescoping magnetic pickup tool also comes with LED lights which is a great addition to the device. With this device, you can easily look in dark spots and can use it for easy extraction. The device is very stable and could be helpful in finding the small particles also.

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  • Comfortable Handle: The handle provided with this LED magnetic pickup tool comes with a good grip. You can easily hold the device and use it for the magnetic suction of bolts and nuts from tight & deep spaces. The handle is comfortable and very durable. The primary material of the handle gives the device an ergonomic design.

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  • Multi-Purpose Device: This specially designed telescopic magnetic pen can be used for various purposes. You can easily use it in garages, offices, and even at home. It is an essential tool for cars, bedrooms, and even in different places. The telescopic magnetic pen can be used in a very efficient way.

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  • Comes with a Holder: As we all know that these types of tools are cumbersome, and the magnet makes them even heavier. Hence with this telescoping magnetic stick pickup tool with led light, we have a holder to attach it to your pocket like a pen. Hence carrying the device becomes very easy and straightforward.

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  • Easy ON and OFF: You can operate the telescopic magnet tool very easily and efficiently. All you need is to rotate the upper handle. You can ON and OFF functions with this motion.

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  • The device can be used for various purposes.
  • The LED light attached to the telescopic magnetic pickup tool is very bright.
  • There is also a unique holder with the device.
  • The magnetic strength is too good.
  • The pickup tool is made up of stainless steel, which is very durable.
  • The device is very portable and easy to handle.
  • This telescoping magnetic grabber comes with a good grip.

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  • Product: Magnetic Telescopic Pick Up Tool Stick for Small Metal Tools
  • Color: Black, silver, orange, & red.
  • Extension Length: 125-840mm (Different Variants Available)
  • Material: Stainless Steel / High-Quality Plastic

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Packaging Includes:

  • 1 x Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool

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This magnetic pickup tool with led light is very resistant and can be used in heavy workshops. You can easily remove bolts and nuts from any spot with its quick and high magnetic action.

DIY Supplies



Magnetic Pick-Up Tools


Household Tool Set


Stainless Steel/Plastic Handle

Handle Color


Unstretched size

Approx 19cm

Stretch size

Approx 80cm

Head Diameter

Approx 1.5cm

Net weight


Battery type

3*AG13/LR44 batteries (included)


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