Squeeze Station Reusable Organic Baby Food Feeding Pouches Maker

Squeeze Station Reusable Organic Baby Food Feeding Pouches Maker


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Create on-the-go baby food and toddler snacks in 4 easy steps.

  1. Insert Squeeze Pouch into Squeeze Station

  2. Pour in Purée

  3. Press Down to Fill

  4. Squeeze & Enjoy

fresh squeezed baby food pouches

The reusable baby food pouches squeeze station is quick and easy, just pour in the purée and press down to fill. Perfect for homemade baby food and smoothies as well as store-bought applesauce, yogurts, and more. Enjoy now or stock in the refrigerator for future use.

fresh squeezed baby food


  • The non-skid base stays secure on your counter and the soft press ensures a stable grip.
  • Plus, the station is dishwasher safe, so clean-up is a snap.
  • Dishwasher safe BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.
  • Fills three pouches at a time.
  • Includes 10 squeeze pouches™ and is compatible with any pouch in the fresh squeezed® system.
  • Includes 1 squeeze station, 3 tubes, 1 press, and 10 disposable squeeze pouches.
  • Soft rubber press allows for easy grip non-skid base filling tubes nest for compact storage.
  • Pouches hold up to 4 oz. of your homemade puree.

baby squeeze pouch

Baby food pouch filling machine can assist you in the storage of healthier, homemade, or store-bought foods into a single serving, ready-to-go squeeze pouches which has associate degree easy-to-use screw-on prime to stop spills whereas in storage. They will go straight from filling, to the Deepfreeze, to your bag, to your child’s hand (and mouth) with no fuss (and less mess!). 

disposable baby food pouches

Convenient food pouch spoon tips create pouch feeding easier than ever. These spoon tips can lock and seal to prevent mess. The spoon tips even keep company with lids designed to stay spoons clean once on the go. The Spoon Tips will lock closed to avoid any spills once not in use. BPA-free and prime rack dishwasher safe.

baby food squeeze pouchreusable food bagsrefillable baby food pouchesbaby food pouch makerbaby food pouchesfeeding pouch

Benefits of Infantino squeeze station for baby food:

  • Easy to assemble, use, and clean.
  • Best for everyday use.
  • Clear window to see the food inside
  • Child-safe caps
  • Refill pouches, reusable silicone pouches, spoon attachments, and more.
  • Labeling space on the backside
  • This kit makes making your own baby food & snacks a breeze instead of large trouble.
  • Best used for apple sauce, smoothies, fruit purees, and food.
  • Reusable baby food pouches are great for feeding on the go without bringing along tonnes of unnecessary extras.

toddler food pouchessqueeze baby food


Why cube when you can squeeze. Other methods for storing and serving baby food haven’t kept up with today’s parents. That’s why we’ve created the Squeeze Station, a one-stop unit that presses your delicious, homemade baby food into easy-to-store and ready-to-serve pouches.

Package Options:

  1. Squeeze Station + 10 Disposable Pouches + 2 Spoons
  2. Squeeze Station + 30 Disposable Pouches + 2 Spoons
  3. Squeeze Station + 40 Disposable Pouches + 2 Spoons
  4. Squeeze Station + 50 Disposable Pouches + 2 Spoons
  5. Squeeze Station + 10 Reusable Pouches
  6. Reusable 5 Pouches
  7. Reusable 10 Pouches
  8. Disposable 20 Pouches
  9. Disposable 30 Pouches
  10. Disposable 40 Pouches
  11. Disposable 60 Pouches
  12. Disposable 90 Pouches















Squeeze Station + 10 Disposable Pouches + 2 Spoons, Squeeze Station + 30 Disposable Pouches + 2 Spoons, Squeeze Station + 40 Disposable Pouches + 2 Spoons, Squeeze Station + 50 Disposable Pouches + 2 Spoons, Squeeze Station + 10 Reusable Pouches, Reusable 5 Pouches, Reusable 10 Pouches, Disposable 20 Pouches, Disposable 30 Pouches, Disposable 40 Pouches, Disposable 60 Pouches, Disposable 90 Pouches

11 reviews for Squeeze Station Reusable Organic Baby Food Feeding Pouches Maker

  1. Kasey G. Robnett

    I’ve had this for 2 years now and am writing a review now because I just busted it out to make some more stuff. It’s not just for baby food. When I received it as a gift from my mom, I was ecstatic and immediately destroyed my kitchen making all kinds of baby food. You quickly learn the tips and tricks: Don’t overfill. Don’t pull the pusher back out before you unscrew the filler tank, you’ll suck all the food back up into it. Don’t try to force a chunk that wasn’t blended all the way into it, it will leak out of the side. It’s very easy to use, easy to wash, easy to store. I LOVE IT!!! Now that my daughter is 2+, I use it to make yogurt pouches (what I was going today). I throw my yogurt in a food processor with a variety of fruits, blend well, fill using the squeeze station, and VOILA!! I have yogurt pouches that are good in the fridge/freezer without having to buy the ones from the store with god only knows what preservatives in it. I actually cleaned out my freezer recently and had some pouches of baby food in there from 1+ years ago. The food may not have still been good, but the pouches hold up amazingly well! Extremely sturdy, easy to close, easy to open, and easy for my daughter to eat from. Wonderful product!! I really don’t have anything bad to say about this squeeze station.

  2. William Dean Huffstutler

    I’m not one to have a lot of gadgets in my kitchen that only serve one purpose, however this is a really great way to save money. Pre-made squeeze pouches are really expensive and you are limited to the options the store gives you. With this, I have made my money back on it in 2 weeks already.I agree with other reviewers that the plunger design could be reimagined so the last little bit of food can be pushed down the narrow part of the tube, instead of getting stuck until you rinse it out. But that is such a minor detail compared to the amount of money you save that I wouldn’t let it deter you from buying this.This would e great for older kids’ lunch boxes and an easy way to hide vegetables since there is no printed label to tell them what is inside.I definitelty recommend this product. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare the contents and fill 14+ pouches, cleans up easily and stores fairly compactly.

  3. Meghann

    Overall I really like this product. It makes the process of filling the pouches go quickly, it’s ridiculously easy to clean, it’s small enough that it stores easily (I keep it in the box), and it’s simple to use.There are a couple downfalls though:1. When you push the food contents down into the pouch, it creates a suction, making the lever/squeezer (not sure what you would call it) hard to get back out without pulling some of the contents of the bag back up into the tube.2. The tubes don’t stand up very well on their own. This is really not that big of a deal, mostly a slight annoyance when changing out bags.Overall, I’m happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone wanting to make their own baby food pouches.

  4. Carmella

    “Whoops! I sanitized the parts of this pump when it arrived and dramatically warped the plastic. I’ll be reordering, but word to the wise!

  5. Kevin

    I really love this food station. The one thing I wish they would have included was a plunger for each of the three filling cups. The reason I say this is that when you are using this it is most efficient to fill all three then press all three. In order to do this you need to unscrew the fill cup in order to remove the plunger or you will suck a little of the food back out of the pack. It would be much easier to include three cups and three plungers that way moms can fill, fill, fill, plunge, plunge, plunge, unscrew from the pouches and cap. I do love it though as my little one likes to feed himself and these packs are the easiest and cleanest way of doing that. This station also works with some of the reusable pouches.

  6. Theresa

    Pros:+ Easy to clean. All pieces come apart.+ Easy to insert and remove pouches.+ Tubes are marked so you can put same amount in each pouch.+ After some math, this can be cheaper than store bought pouches, if you don’t factor in your time spent.+ Pouches can be warmed in warm water ( – they can’t be microwaved)Cons:- Filling the tubes could be difficult if you don’t have good hand eye coordination (or are tired from lack of sleep… ahem, babies), but even so, I haven’t found it so hard that I bother looking for a funnel.- I don’t really see the usefulness of three tubes because no matter what , you have to unscrew the tube to take out the pouch and lift the plunger for the next tube. I just use one and save myself cleanup on the other two.- Pouches have to be refrigerated or frozen. (+frozen pouches can be used as ice packs in lunches and are ready to eat by lunch)Other:I sometimes just make healthy smoothies for the kids and put them in the pouches to freeze. As they thaw the kids can have slushie kid sized smoothies. Other times I go through the effort to make soups or other tasty blends to put in these.

  7. Rayford

    I love this thing! I have a little yogurt loving toddler who goes through yogurt pouches like no other. I bought this with the intention to put my homemade yogurt in to save money and to make yogurt eating for my toddler easy. I’m rating it 4 stars out of 5 because sometimes when removing the pouch from the system, the air in the pouch pushes what I put in it out slightly. Makes it kind of messy. It could be cause I have only used it one time so far. Only time amd experience will tell. Long story short, I now have 30 yogurt pouches for my toddler to down. I call that a success!!

  8. Melaine

    I started making my own baby food once my little guy was ready. Jarred food is just too expensive and I don’t like all of the additives and extra stuff that they put in it. I’d rather make it myself and know exactly what he’s eating. This squeeze station makes it SUPER easy. All of the parts are super easy to clean and it’s decent to store. Not too big and not too many pieces. The only complaint that I would have is that the packets that go with it aren’t reusable. So you need to buy new packets each time. But over all, I would definitely recommend for mamas who make their own baby food!

  9. Tesha

    So happy with this. Ive made my daughter’s baby food since day one. So once we are more mobile & it’s annoying to bring her jar & spoon when we are out & about, I wanted to have pouches. It’s so easy to use & clean. It leaks sometimes when I push the food intot he pouch, where the pouch & syringe things attach. But not a big deal I just rinse the pouch off. I love this thing. I even made a bunch of pouches when we went camping so I wouldnt worry about cleaning food stuff. Was so easy to store then just toss out when done. Cnat beat the price too!

  10. Lissa

    This worked really great and was just what I was looking for. Easy clean up and easy fill. The only draw back for this product that I have is that the pouches lock in place a little too well and require some push to get released. Also, there wasn’t a recommended fill spot for the pouches on the syringe, so it was trial and error with the first 2 for filling. Though, I had no waste because I could just leave what I didn’t use in the syringe for the next one.

  11. Darrell

    I love how easy these make filling the pouches and how they break apart for cleaning. Unfortunately, the plastic pieces do not clip together tightly, so the bottom falls off whenever I pick it up, especially if the top pieces are in their storage position. The plunger also makes a vacuumed seal with the top pieces, so you have to unscrew the bag before you pull the plunger out, or the food will suction back out of the bag. Still giving it 4 stars because I enjoy it and do not mind the extra hassle because I just avoid doing the things that make it less convenient to use.

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