Shoe Sneaker Cleaner Washable Mesh Laundry Bags for Washer & Dryer

Shoe & Sneaker Cleaner Washable Mesh Laundry Bags


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Shoe/Sneaker Cleaner Laundry Bags

Smelly sneakers ought to be clean and washed directly. Otherwise, this may breed bacterium which may trigger the looks of skin diseases like ringworm. However, you do not get to do that manually, if you have got a sneaker wash and dry bag, you’ll be able to wash your shoes easily.


  • KEEP YOUR SNEAKERS AND SHOES LONGER: Imagine being able to keep your sneakers for even longer by being able to safely wash and dry them right at home! Because this shoe washing laundry bag has an anti-rust zipper closure you’ll be able to wash your shoes or your delicates without worrying about them flying out of the bag or ruining your machine. This is great for you because now you won’t have smelly gym shoes or need to replace lost and damaged shoes or delicates again.

washing machine bag for shoes

  • NEED A BAG FOR YOUR SNEAKERS WHEN YOU TRAVEL!? Our premium mesh laundry bags for shoes have a hanging loop which means that you can hang it anywhere you want to, creating perfect extra clothing storage! This mesh laundry bag is made of honeycomb mesh. What that means to you is that your laundry will get a thorough clean through the mesh even when it’s in a bag! Protecting your running shoes, delicates, and clothing.

shoe bag for washing machine

  • EXTRA DURABLE NYLON MESH! NO RIPS, NO TEARS, NO PROBLEM: If you’ve been looking for a strong and durable laundry bag that’s perfect for cleaning your sneakers, then your search is over! That’s because our shoe bag is made of a material that is strong and durable enough to hold shoes, which means that you won’t have to worry about your laundry bag ripping or tearing, guaranteed! Works in both front-loaded and top-loaded washing machines.

shoes laundry bag

  • WORKS IN BOTH TOP LOADED AND FRONT WASHERS AND DRYERS: The problem with other mesh sneaker wash bags is that they won’t work both in the washer and in the dryer. This laundry bag solves that problem! Why? That’s because our mesh laundry bags can be used in the washer and the dryer which means that they are perfect for all types of laundry. Never suffer spending too much on a bunch of different types of laundry bags ever again

sneaker wash bag

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Travel companion, easily store them in your luggage, purse, backpack, beach bag, baby diaper bags and suitcase, makes your things organized and easy for you to find your belongings, avoid them from getting lost. They are not only laundry wash bag but also the best travel organizer bags, allowing you to store and organize your clothes easily.

shoe washing machine bag



  • Size: 28*26*12cm/11.02″*10.24″*4.72″

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Shoe bag for washing machine

Shoes washing Bag


Square Cylindrical




washing machine dedicated shoe care




Polyester Mesh + EPE

20 reviews for Shoe & Sneaker Cleaner Washable Mesh Laundry Bags

  1. Kasey G. Robnett


  2. William Dean Huffstutler

    I’ve used a few shoe laundry bags, which all seemed flimsy from the start. When I opened the box for this bag, I was pleasantly surprised. The design makes sense—with two plastic ends and a soft middle—it’s well made, and sturdy.

  3. Meghann

    I used it to clean my slippers, with no issues. Worked like a charm. 

  4. Michelle

    The bag held up in the same shape as I put it in the machine, unlike the others I used before which flopped around and eventually came apart.

  5. Kevin

    My slippers came out sparkly clean. Very happy with this product and will most likely purchase another.

  6. Theresa

    The bags are thick, sturdy, very good quality. They fit a pair of shoes snuggly which is what you want to prevent them from flopping around in the machine.

  7. Rayford

    Nice product.. looks same as detailed in product description

  8. Melaine

    Shoes were cleaned with no damage to shape..

  9. Tesha

    The product is ok. I used to put my shoe inside one sweater to wash them, but it’s much easier with this product.

  10. N. Springer

    Used to wash sneakers, sizes up to 12 mens fits well. Zipper stayed together during wash, material seems durable overall.

  11. Darrell

    This bag works fine

  12. Carmina

    This is product is really great and it helps to get out of sticky smell from my daughters shoes without buying a new-one. .

  13. Marceline Lillibridge

    It’s great to wash my work sneakers

  14. rose szurek

    Great durability. Got for son in college to wash all his white tennis shoes.

  15. Tamala Hinshaw

    product works great on running shoes.

  16. Araceli

    My boys are always running thru mud and water. Oh and food, lord i swear they try to see just how dirty they can get their shoes. This bag keeps them intact and safe when washing and drying. Before they were getting all beat up and destroyed from the washer and dryer. World of difference. I also use this for myself when i travel to put my dress shoes in to protect them and to keep them from touching my clothes. Really nice product to have.

  17. Sebastian

    Anyone with children knows how dirty their clothes and shoes get without them even trying. Dont waste your money buying new shoes to replace ones that they haven’t outgrown yet. Wash the stinky ones! No tangled strings or list inserts when using this bag.

  18. Mario

    To me it seems every one is making washable shoes these days but no one yet has got the idea of need for shoe laundry bag. Funny since we have laundry bag for everything ?? It looks of good quality and very functional. So happy with the purchase

  19. penny

    Recommend buying 2 bags

  20. Paulita

    Seems like a good quality washing bag, but haven’t used it yet. 

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