Best Manual Hand Press Portable Fruit Juicer Extractor

Manual Hand Press Portable Juicer Extractor


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Are you searching for one equipment that makes your life easier? Do you wish to have a piece of the Manual Hand Press Portable Juicer Extractor that makes your juicing work easy? Or you wish to have a juicer with extraordinary features? Here is the solution. Buy the all-new portable manual fruit juicer that makes your daily juicing process simple.

manual juicer

juice squeezer


  • The hand held juicer is portable so that you can place it in your area of comfortbest manual hand press juicer
  • The manual juicer has multipurpose functions

best citrus juicer and manual orange juicer


  • Use it as a portable citrus juicer, lemon squeezer, or for juicing any type of fruits. Compatible mostly for all types of fruits.
  • This squeezer is so advantageous to use and you can get every bit of the juice out of the fruit.

orange juice machine

  • Regardless of whether it’s for limes for tacos, or lemon juice for peach cobbler, to fresh new pressed squeezed orange juice. This manual juice press will make your job so easy.
  • Suitable for both household and also store functions.stainless steel manual juice maker


  • The manual Hand Press Portable Juicer Extractor is made of high quality and standards.juice extractor machine
  • Easy to operate the juicer.

alluminium alloy juice maker

  • The main advantage of this juicer that it’s quieter than electric and automatic machines.
  • No rust issues as the aluminium alloy juice maker are made primarily of aluminium.


  • This citrus juicer is made up of round charger port
  • You can adjust the speed manually of the manual juicer stainless steel
  • You can keep this  manual juice press handheld and do all the actions
  • Made of aluminium alloy gives it a long life and prevents rusting, the best juice extractor can perform the squeezing actions easily
  • The hand juicer  is 3C certified and the capacity is less than 500ml
  • The pulp of the orange juice squeezer can contain a volume of the juicer less than 500 ml so that it makes the finest puree of the fruits.

hand held juicer

Don’t fight with the scorching sun, instead, try these natural hand pressed cold juices that will keep you refreshed and awakened in this season. Get natural and direct benefits of fruits using this juicer. Get delicious, healthy juices for you & your family. Works well on apple, lemons, orange, limes. This tool can squeeze them all with maximum result. It is best for any kitchen or bar tool.

So why still waiting? Check the manual hand press portable juicer extractor reviews and make your own juice today!









17 reviews for Manual Hand Press Portable Juicer Extractor

  1. Kasey G. Robnett

    It is a good product. thanks

  2. William Dean Huffstutler

    It makes quick work of juicing oranges. I find it fun to use. My Aunt had a juicer a lot like this one when I was a child; loved it then and love it now at all most 80.

  3. Meghann

    Design is awesome because the leverage created to make squeezing the fruits easy. Additionally, the internal cavity holds more juice than you would expect.

  4. Carmella

    I just got it. Got excited like a kid in the candy store. This product is sturdy, easy to clean, and efficient. I’d say 99% of the juice you squeeze does end up in your glass. My morning watermelon lemon juice was amazing. Get one… For that price what are you waiting for.

  5. Kevin

    I bought one for a friend, and liked it so much, I bought one for myself. Heavy duty, works really well, easy to clean.

  6. Theresa

    Non corrosive. Great for squeezing the lemons for juice.

  7. Rayford

    Was very pleased with this product. It’s well made and easy to use and clean.

  8. Melaine

    Great product

  9. Tesha

    It’s nice, but it needs rubber feet! I scratched my counter top in a fraction of a second. Strange that it wouldn’t have occurred to the manufacturer to include these. It works well, though.

  10. Lissa

    The design was the same as what my Mother and Grandmother used. This was what I was looking for. Price was just right. Very pleased, Thank You.

  11. Darrell

    This is an absolutely great citrus press.I have tested it with Oranges, Strawberries, Watermelon Chunks, and even Ginger.The included bags are a little thin, especially at the seams and I am not sure how they will last, but so far they have also worked great to filter out everything but juice when used.The only reason this does not get a 5 star from me and gets a 4 star instead is due to the current design of the removal metal filter plate, specifically the way it lines up with the plastic in the back. If it lined up flush with the back I would absolutely have given this product 5 star, but currently it is designed to line up with the two corner parts of the plastic insert that sit inside, which results in a decent size gap on both the left and right side. The gaps is significantly larger than the actual holes in the metal filter itself, which can result in lots of stuff being squeezed right through those holes into the juice below. This of course is not an issue at all if using the filter bags, but when pressing things directly, three to four times more material squeeze right through those two side holes than even come through the actual holes on the filter plate itself. Please make this part flush. There are plenty of other juice presses of this type that line up flush without a problem.

  12. Carmina

    I really like this juicer. However, I have one piece of advice. The recommendation is to put the cut side of the fruit against the flat part of the bowl. I get lots of spurting in my face that way. Instead, I put the cut side facing the plate with the holes in it. Halves close up as if you were squeezing with your hand and the juice is directed down. No spurting in my face. And I think I get more juice that way.This juicer is fast and easy to use. It gets more juice than I ever get with any of my hand juicers. It’s also easy to clean.I’ve also had problems with those clamp-type juicers as my hands are small and I can’t reach both levers at the same time. This one lets you push down one-handed or two-handed using your own weight to push it down and it contains the juice in it’s own bowl. Then you just pour it into the container where you want the juice.And did I say it’s fast and easy to use? It IS!

  13. Marceline Lillibridge

    Seems good quality.

  14. Cori

    Great quality, looks like it is going to last for a long time. I used it for pomegranate yesterday. It was not as easy as I thought. Since there is a gap on the bottom. The fruit that is there doesn’t get squeezed. So I had to rotate the little bag a few times. Yes. The juice is perfect. No more foams like electric juicer. I think it is going to take a little learning time to get the best result. Looking forward to try it on the oranges.

  15. Tamala Hinshaw

    Durable and resistant material, very comfortable to squeeze fruit. for the moment I recommend it.

  16. Araceli

    Needed to squeeze a bunch of lemons, tried a few implements that were lacking in actually doing the job as intended. Ordered this juicer based upon the design, the ability to place on the counter top and overall sturdiness allows for easy and efficient juicing. Would buy again if needed.

  17. Peterson

    Look no further highly recommended!

    Unbelievable! What I ordered, fast delivery, good packaging. So far no issues with limes. Oranges cut into half quarters, otherwise silver strainer may pop out. To be fair, probably wouldn’t if I was holding it in place. I rinse and dry after each use as directed and so far no black spots or peeling. Price is right. Would reorder.

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