Best PH2 Long Magnetic Screwdriver Hex Shank Head Drill Bit Set 2023

PH2 Long Magnetic Screwdriver Hex Shank Drill Bit Set


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Anti-Slip Magnetic Hex Shank Cross Head Screwdriver Power Drill Bit Set

Have problems with screws? Sometimes it is not about the technique or force you apply to handle a screw with a screwdriver. The problem can be your tool. It is very irritating when you try hard to get a simple job of fixing a screw, and the screw is not ready to follow your orders. In such a situation, you can have these fantastic long magnetic hex shank screwdriver drill bits to help you out. These screw bits are among the best attachment to your screwdriver or drill to quickly tighten up a screw. The magnetic drill bit is among the best drill bits in the market with premium quality.


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If you are searching for a set of anti-slip screwdriver bits that also have magnetic properties, then you might have landed in the right place.


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Tired of using the old traditional method to drill and deal with screws? These anti-slip screwdriver bits can be a modern addition to your screwdriver.


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The product mentioned here is the best set of PH2 screwdriver bits that are excellent and swift to work with. People do struggle a lot with screws. If you are not a person who deals with these small pieces of metal, then you might think it not to be a big deal. But we know how irritating it can be. And to solve this for you, we have the best screwdriver bit set that can help you out to have a better experience while working with these.


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Order the best hex bits for drill online using credit card, debit card, venmo, after pay, or PayPal.


Some of the best features of this long magnetic hex shank screwdriver drill bits are mentioned below-

  • Material- You just can’t doubt the material quality of these amazing screwdriver drill bits. They are made of high-quality alloys. The primary material here is the S2 Alloy Steel, which itself is one of the hardest alloys you can have. It makes the screwdriver heads a resistant and durable attachment.
  • Screw Extractor- The screwdriver bits are not only suitable for drilling the screw in, but they are also great with extracting the screws out. They come with a unique anti-slip technology along with their striped heads, which are enough to pull out the hardest of jammed screws.
  • Magnetic- The heads of the anti-skid screwdriver bits are magnetic. We often have seen problems holding on a screw at the correct position before punching it in. By having these special screwdriver bits, you won’t have to hold them anymore. The bits are capable of holding the screw magnetically so that they don’t fall off.
  • Design- Their designs are a big plus point. The screwdriver bit set has a compact, small and lightweight design. This gives you the freedom to work with them and carry them easily anywhere. Moreover, they also look very attractive as a tool, so you can have an advantage there too.
  • Universal- The long magnetic hex shank screwdriver drill bits are universal with their usage. They can easily fit up to a number of different screwdriver heads.


Unique drill screwdriver bits with hex shank online.



  • The magnetic property provides you with precision.
  • Solid and reliable material for harsh drilling.
  • You can attach it to any drill or screwdriver without hesitation.
  • Even the tiniest screws can be extracted using the device.
  • You can use it over a range of surfaces.


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Best hex shank screwdriver & drill bit set in 2021.


  • Material: S2 Alloy
  • Shank Type: Hex Shank
  • Stem Diameter: 1/4 “(6.35mm)
  • Length: 25 mm / 50 mm / 65 mm /70 mm /90 mm /125 mm / 150mm
  • Type: PH2


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Package Includes:

  • 1 x PH2 Magnetic Screwdriver Drill Bit (7 Pcs magnetic anti-slip drill bit set is also available)


Find a best long magnetic hex shank screwdriver drill bits online for sale.


The magnetic screwdriver bits mentioned here in the article are a must to have tool. It gives you ease in operating with screws and can help you save time and effort at the same point.



Model Number


Screw Head Type





Anti-slip Magnetic Screwdriver Bits


1/4 Hex Shank


Hand Electric Drill Driver


S2 Alloy

Shank Type

Hex Shank

Shank Diameter





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