Multifunctional Magical Floor Wiper Scraper Silicone Broom 2023

Multifunctional Magical Floor Wiper Scraper Silicone Broom Mop


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Multifunctional Magical Floor Wiper Scraper Silicone Broom

Are you tired of the old-fashioned brooms and vacuum cleaners? Now want a fast-working gadget that will clean everything like magic?

A multifunctional wiper broom is here. Kindly read the whole to know everything about it.

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Features :

  • Multifunctional – The magic broom gives a natural shine after every wipe and it becomes effective in most cases from cleaning the floor to cleaning your pet’s fur. It can also be your super scraper if you wish.

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  • Flexible Enough – As long as you have the magic broom wiper, you don’t need to bend your waist while cleaning under the bed and other places where your hands cannot be reached.

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  • Adjustable Handle – This magic wiper scraper broom has an extra-long handle for fulfilling your every kind of need, such as you can extend its handle when the distance is long and again you can curtail its handle while cleaning the nearby surface.

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  • Convenient For Small Spaces – As its handle is adjustable, it takes a small space and if you don’t have that minimal space for it, don’t worry, you can hang this magic broom scraper on the walls.

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  • Suitable For Everywhere – It can be used in the living room, swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere you need to clean dirt. And the rough floors can also be easily cleaned using this floor wiper broom.

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 Benefits :

  1. This multifunctional wiper broom keeps your place dust-free for a long time.
  2. Besides the floor cleaning, it is also used for scraping your pet’s fur and it is safe: It does not have any kind of static electricity.
  3. This magic broom is capable of removing the stain after only one sweep.
  4. It is a one-in-all easy to use the product of cleaning, so it is always ready to save your time and labor.
  5. You only need a little bit of water to clean this product and then again you can use it for a longer time.
  6. It can clean every particle that is on the floor. You just need to move this wiper broom close to the ground.
  7. The kitchen stains and water stains will say goodbye just after scraping once with this magical broom.
  8. You can separate every part for a better cleaning experience.
  9. It is the perfect scraper for clearing wet and dirty windows.

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Specifications :

  • Material –  Silicone, plastic, and stainless steel
  • Dimensions –  30*90 cm  & 26* 90 cm
  • Colours available – Grey, Green, & Pink Color

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Frequently Asked Questions on silicone multifunctional broom:

  1. Does it give a comfortable grip?

Answer: The handle of this wiper broom does not slip so everyone can have a comfortable grip on it.

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  1. Is this bathroom wiper broom rotatable?

Answer: Yes, it can be rotated at 360° so that each corner can be cleaned to the fullest.

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  1. Does the floor wiper broom work faster than vacuum cleaners?

Answer:  It is better than vacuum cleaners in every way and the cleaning speed is also good!

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  1. Is there any problem with clearing the liquids with it?

Answer: No, you can undoubtedly clean the water or any liquid with this scraper groom.

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Package Includes:

You will get one magic broom in each package, in your chosen color.

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Final Words:

This magic wiper scraper broom is best suited for those who love clean surroundings and if you have small children at home, there will be no problem as it does not generate static electricity.




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