Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair With Headrest & Lumbar Support

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair With Headrest & Lumbar Support


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Ergonomic High Back Mesh Computer Office Swivel Chair With Headrest & Lumbar Support

If you use your computer throughout the day continuously for a long duration, then you must never compromise your back support. You must have solid and comfortable back support so that you can take care of your spine. These days there are thousands of office chairs available in the market that can quickly help you but selecting the best ergonomic mesh office chair with lumbar support is a challenging task.

Are you struggling hard with your back pain and want back solid support for your day-long work? If yes, then you can quickly go for this mesh office chair with a headrest to get comfort at its best.

Do you feel severe pain and sensitivity in your lumbar region if you sit too long? This high back mesh chair can help you out in regaining your postural stability, which can further help with the pain.

We have a unique and efficient ergonomic high back chair, which is brilliant with providing you the stability you want and also is an excellent addition due to the fantastic design. The curves in the chair are specially designed to perfectly fit the elevation and depressions of your back which ultimately can help you to get relief from the lumbar pain. The high back mesh office chair with headrest has many exciting features that make it worth buying furniture.

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  • Amazing Mesh Headrest – Many back support chairs lack the headrest required to keep your head in the correct position. People don’t get the idea that the cervical region of the spinal cord is also a susceptible area. The headrests can help the neck and head regions by decreasing the pressure and can also help you to provide firm support, which allows an individual while operating a computer. Also, the ergonomic desk chair has wonderful meshwork on the headrest, which allows air to pass through it. This helps your scalp to get the proper airflow, and thus it prevents the sweat from settling down there. This can be very beneficial and can prevent your scalp from problems such as extra dandruff and dirt deposits.
  • Brilliant Lumbar Support – The chair is best used for providing firm lumbar support. This ergonomic mesh office chair with lumbar support is specialized in making your back straight. Most people these days suffer from intense backbone pain, and this pain can cause postural deformities, which often lead to severe issues and problems. With this fantastic chair, you can be sure of the fact that your lumbar portion of the backbone gets enough bulging force to keep it in the best position while sitting.
  • Beautiful Design – If you want to be innovative and productive while you work, then all you need is a motivating atmosphere in your workspace. To get things going at best, you need to arrange your workplace in such a way that it gives you positive vibes. This unique lumbar support chair is great to give your posture the correct structure, but also it is a beautiful piece of furniture to be placed in a workspace. The fine meshwork and the brilliant design of the headrest give it a classy look. If we talk of the material and the finishing over it, then get ready to be amazed at the beautiful shiny appearance this chair has.
  • Mesh Design – If you are assuming that the mesh design in the chair is all about giving it a unique look, then you, my friend, have gone wrong. This design is specially made to increase the airflow while you sit on the chair. What are the most common problems faced by modern chairs is the fact that due to the thickest of the material, the part of the body in contact with the surface of the material accumulates a good amount of sweat. Not only will this create a messy situation for you, but it is also very unhygienic. But with the mesh design, it keeps on flowing through the chair, which restricts the accumulation of extra sweat on your back and shoulders. The mesh bottom office chair even provides great air circulation in the bottom-most part.
  • Stable Support For The Hands – Sitting on a chair that doesn’t have support for the arms can be pretty problematic. If you use a computer or anything that requires the active involvement of hands on the chair, then most of the part of your elbow remains in the air hanging between the table and your body. This will create pain in your arm if you sit too long working in the position. Also, it decreases the blood flow to the palm, which is a matter of concern. Nevertheless, this ergonomic mesh office chair with a lumbar support has special attachments or armrest, which is very efficient in providing a standard grip.

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  • Rollers – One of the best features of this computer mesh office chair is the rollers attached to the chair. Roller wheels are not very special to see these days in chairs. But the fundamental problem with these wheels is their durability. Most of the companies provide very fragile support to the wheels. As a result, in most of the cases, either the wheel and its frame get damaged, or in many cases, it gets dis-attached from the chair. But with this mesh back computer chair, you can be sure to get premium quality rollers that are very strong and can bear tremendous weights. Also, the framework over the wheels is powerful, which protects the rollers from friction and related damages.
  • Height Adjustment – The mesh back office chair has a feature by which one can adjust the height and also the angle at which you sit. There is a particular hydraulic system that is very easy to operate in the chair. There is a long handle present just below the sitting portion of the chair. With that, you can adjust the height accordingly. The best part about the system is the fact that it doesn’t require a lot of effort like in the other chairs.
  • Easy and Quick Installation – Many unique office chairs in the market can only be installed by special and professional people. This also makes the repairing part difficult in the future. Not these chairs can be hectic to handle due to special installation, but sometimes they can cost you just to be installed at your home or office. Other chairs require special instruments and kits when it comes to installation. But this is not the case with the computer mesh office chair that we have mentioned here. This ergonomic desk chair comes along with special instructions that make the installation very quick and easy. It doesn’t require any unique accessories or instruments, which makes your work easier.
  • Premium Class Material – The chair has a faux leather finish which is one of the most premium and comfortable materials to sit on. This material is very soft and gentle with your skin. Even the mesh part of the chair has a special coating of this leather. Hence this chair is one of the best selling chairs in the market.
  • Backpressure Adjuster – The product mentioned here is the best office chair for back pain available online. It comes with a back pressure adjuster which is also a great addition to the chair. While sitting on the chair, the most comfortable position for you will be leaning on the exceptional lumbar support. If the chair is not balanced or the pressure is not absorbed in an even way, then there is a chance that the chair will lose balance. This can hurt you badly, and one never wants such a situation to happen. It can even break your chair, so there is an extraordinary back pressure adjuster with the chair that makes sure the force is absorbed evenly.
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  • The headrest is fantastic and will help to support the cervical portion.
  • Meshwork is very effective, especially in the summer seasons, as it allows a continuous flow of air in and out of the chair.
  • It comes along with unique and perfect lumbar support that guarantees you proper postural support.
  • There is also scope for height adjustment with the chair.
  • The rollers are very smooth and robust to bear weight up to 300 lbs.
  • It comes along with a soft and comfortable armrest.
  • The design is very beautiful and attractive to look at.
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  • Style: Swivel Chair
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Recommended Use: OFFICE CHAIR
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Packaging Includes:

  • 1 x Computer Mesh Office Swivel Chair x 1
  •  Instruction Manual

Note: This product is only available in the United States. We don’t ship this product outside of United States.

Affordable mesh executive office chairs at best rates online in US United States.

There are many chairs available in the market that can offer you various facilities, but this ergonomic mesh office chair with lumbar support is very special and different from all the others out there. It can provide excellent comfort with its brilliant mesh design.

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Trend Volt



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Swivel Chair



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Office Chair



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Commercial Furniture


Office Furniture

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United States

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Light Gray


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