Best Baby Elephant Themed Baby Shower Sprinkler Bath Toy 2023

Elephant Themed Baby Shower Head Sprinkler Bath Toy


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Elephant Themed Baby Shower Sprinkler Bath Toy 2023

Handling a baby is not as easy as it seems!

Yup, we understand the fact that you want the maximum care for your baby. On the other hand, you also want him to enjoy, and when we talk of kids, nothing can make them happy than a toy. Bathing is essential for kids. One has to make sure that they don’t have any dirt or unwanted things on their soft skin that can make them sick. But kids and water are like Tom and Jerry. They never can come along, and this creates many problems.

Hence if you want a solution for your kids’ bath that makes them happy and adequately clean at the same time, then we have a solution for you. Try using this excellent elephant baby shower head sprinkler bath toy for your baby.

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Want a hack to stop your baby from crying while making him shower? This elephant bath toy can help you out.

This wonderful elephant baby shower bath toy can distract your baby from the water bath, and he can enjoy playing with the Elephant cartoon character there at the same time. Meanwhile, you can get the proper opportunity and time to clean him up. It creates a win-win situation for both of you.

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Here are some of the best features of this sprinkler bath toy.

  • Brilliant Design: The elephant baby shower head sprinkler bath toy is the best solution for your kid’s bathing problem. The design is probably the main feature that you must focus on. It comes with an elephant outlook and converts your bathtub to an electric bathtub. It also has a lotus sprayer with a cloud nozzle spray. All you need to do is to keep touching the belly of the baby elephant figure, and it will keep spraying the water.
  • 360-degree movement: You get a complete 360-degree rotation with the bath sprinkler toy present here. There can be situations when you might need the water spray at different angles, and this sprayer can easily provide you with that. Even you get two different water outlet methods with this baby bath sprinkler.
  • Waterproof: Don’t worry about the quality of the material, because it is completely waterproof and durable. This baby bath sprinkler toy is all you want to make your baby bath interesting and fun. The device works on batteries, and the compartment containing them is tightly sealed so that no water can come in contact with the battery.
  • Circulation: This is a feature that is often missed in other bath sprinkler toys out there in the market. They don’t provide water circulation, and this can be a big demerit. But this elephant baby shower head sprinkler bath toy ensures the proper circulation you might need. It circulates the water with the help of electricity and has a circular water outlet.
  • Suction Cups: You don’t have to worry about the attachment of this elephant baby bath shower head with any type of surface. It has 4 suction cups of supreme quality plastic that can easily get attached to your bathtub. You can also attach it outdoors if you want to shower your baby out of the bathroom.
  • Works on Batteries: You will require 4 AAA 1.5V batteries to run the baby sprinkler bath toy efficiently, hence no worry of finding an electric source while you are outdoors.

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  • The elephant baby shower head sprinkler bath toy comes with an amazing interactive design.
  • The shower speed is very gentle.
  • Material is safe for baby use.
  • It can get attached to any surface.
  • The product is very efficient in saving electricity.
  • Water circulation is available with this water sprinkler bath toy.
  • The head provides free rotational movement.
  • The company provides excellent customer support.

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  • Material (s): High-Quality Plastic
  • Age range: 13 – 24 months
  • Animals: Elephant Shaped Sprinkler Toy For Bath
  • Kind: Premium Quality Baby Elephant Themed Baby Shower Head

Premium quality elephant themed baby shower sprinkler bath toy at best price with free shipping globally.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electric Elephant Themed Baby Bath Shower Head Sprinkler Sprayer Toy

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This water sprinkler bath toy can make your baby happy and can help in making his bathing sessions more interesting and exciting for him. As a parent, you never want to see your kid crying for a reason. On the other hand, forcing these little naughty cuties to the bath is a challenging task.

Hence, get your elephant baby shower head sprinkler bath toy to make this simpler for your baby and you.



Plastic Type


Model Number







Small Parts Are Not For Child Alone


Water Spraying Tool



Age Range

0-12 Months




Baby toy


4*1.5V AAA batteries

20 reviews for Elephant Themed Baby Shower Head Sprinkler Bath Toy

  1. M***o

    Very well packaged and safe, It came very fast. Thank you Trend Volt!

  2. R***a

    It’s like in the picture and description… I haven’t tried it yet very happy to see the quality of the product.

  3. R***s

    Great, we ‘ve tried it and the kid is very happy!

  4. N***r

    Good product. My son loves it

  5. 8***r

    Just super!!! Shower works good! Corresponds to the description and photo! Came in whole and on time! I recommend this store.

  6. V***n

    We had purchased this for our newborn, but it was PERFECT for his little baby tub. We turned it on and it had the most perfect little shower of water, strong yet coming from so many holes that it was soft enough to use on his head and delicate skin. Cut to our 3-year-old offering to help with the baby’s bath just so she can use it.
    She LOVES it. It’s absolutely perfect for kids and toddlers. A phenomenal alternative to the Cup on the side of the tub that even our grandparents were using. I even like it when I’m in the tub. It’s just really cool! This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. So happy I gave it a shot!

  7. J***r

    So much fun had with this and it’s good for washing shampoo out

  8. E***a

    Got this a while ago and just now putting the review. I love this! My kids love it and play with it all the time. It helped get them used to water being poured on their heads, they even do it themselves now. The pressure if perfect for a small child, but my toddler likes using it still and the pressure is not strong enough for her long hair and getting the shampoo out. My baby nephew used it and loved it so much they got him one for their own bathroom!

  9. A***r

    Very cool toy

  10. I***O

    Got this for helping to bathe my newborn’s hair without using a giant cup. My toddler hates the cup but had fun with this and has become the new toy. My infant smiled while I was using this on his head, and when we had a tummy ache during bath I had this on his belly and he fell asleep. My toddler likes to spray the walls and uses it to spray his soap off, I also used this for his hair and although it takes longer to rinse soap out of hair it wasn’t a screaming battle with a cup.

  11. M***s

    Absolutely the best purchase!

  12. R***s

    Not only functional but also a great entertaining toy. Thanks…..

  13. Y***s

    The product is just perfect !!! Thank you!! Highly recommend

  14. Customer

    Fun product

  15. Y***a

    Bright interesting toy. The plastic is very durable. No smell. Everything is exactly like in the description. Powered by batteries

  16. I***r

    I honestly can’t believe I didn’t have this product sooner.
    First, it has a really cool design, its length is just right, so it’s long enough but not too messy to store or handle.
    Suction power and water pressure is good and gentle for a baby’s head.
    It made bath time so much easier for me, I used to use a cup but it was messy and uncomfortable. And my daughter loves it! She’s just 1yr and she loves pressing the button and watching the water stream.

  17. K***k

    All super… Trend Volt respect +++++++++

  18. F***m

    Looks great. Very well packed!

  19. M***e

    Bath time game change!

  20. D***d

    Great product to use while bathing kids

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