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DIY Miniature Dollhouse Furniture Kits For Sale

Ignite your creativity, build with imagination, and look out for your artwork. Our DIY Miniature House can be assembled in different ways depending on your taste. Create your own miniatures greenhouse-themed doll house. This fun and crafty little DIY project come with miniature dollhouse accessories for children and adult collectors.

  • High-Quality DIY Dollhouses: Amazingly detailed design, these 1:24 size miniature décor accessories are cute yet realistic. Made of wood, paper, fabric, and metal printed in high quality, these details make your small dollhouse come to life.
  • Stress Reliever: These DIY dollhouse kits inspire creativity and imagination in not only kids but also adults while helping them to nurture concentration and hand-eye coordination. Take a good 20 hours in making a piece of art. With a sense of achievement, all your stress and worries will disappear! Best for stress relieving for adults.Best cathys flower house online in US, UK, CA, NZ, AU, FI, GE, DE, GR, HU, IS, IE, IL, IT, NL, NO, PL, PR, ES, SG, SE, CH, TR, UA, AT, BY, BE, HR, CZ with free shipping worldwide.
  • Educational Kit For Kids: Targeted as a playful kit and also helps in increasing concentration and creativity in kids (5+ years)
  • Targeted to improve the wide versatile thinking (5+ years)Best price for diy miniature house kits 2021.
  • Suitable For All Ages: Our miniature house kits can be reached by any age between 5 to 50
  • Dimension:195*175*175 mm
  • Material: Wood, glasshouse, accessories, brush, fabric, LED lights, metal, and several bags of things.Order diy miniature flower house in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands.
  • Product Features: Safe, Non-toxic, high-quality material, DIY Dollhouse Kits is an educational and play kit. The step-by-step instructions assembly manual is also attached.Buy robotime diy cathy's flower house using credit card, debit card, venmo, after pay, or PayPal.
  • Comes with many miniatures, plants, flowers, vases, flower racks, wooden cabinets, slatted crates, paper boxes, spades, broom, painting photo frames, racks, etc.Buy best DIY miniature dollhouse kit with working lights online on SALE with free shipping worldwide.
  • Brush, Tweezers, and many other mini tools are included in the box.
  • LED Lights: Miniature size LED lamp that actually lights up for a beautiful showcase. Dollhouse LED Lights makes it more beautiful in the dark.Where to buy cathy's flower DIY miniature house?

Our DIY miniature dollhouse kits are something special because it is of ROBOTIME brand which is famous for this 3D wooden toys and wooden handicrafts for a decade. This high-quality DIY dollhouses kit contains everything to build your mini dollhouse and there is no need to buy anything else.

Brilliant innovation to design the blocks results in a beautiful outcome. Have fun while assembling a DIY miniature house model with working lights.

Important note:

  • All DIY miniature dollhouse furniture things need to be assembled by yourself.
  • Choking hazards because of small parts so not recommended below 3 years.

How beautiful our DIY miniature kit will be:

Decorate your rooms with furniture, artificial and beautiful trees/flower pots, and attractive decorative items and it becomes still more pleasant by switching on the lights.

Highlights of DIY miniature houses:

  • Time passes intellectual kit.
  • Improves imagination, different view thinking, concentration power, and spatial fit of the objects
  • The estimated time needed for the assembly of this DIY girly miniature dollhouse is around 20 hours.
  • Cute and Amazing DIY miniature garden house is on big promotion now!Find a best miniature greenhouse kit online.

Package Contains:

This wooden doll house kit is of premium quality, we have provided everything in it and there is no need to buy anything else to build it (Expect Battery). Instructions are very easy to understand. You can set up your DIY house kit in a variety of different ways. It has turned into a wonderful hobby for adults to work on. It contains the following things:

  • All DIY dollhouse furniture and things shown in the pictures. (Need to DIY)
  • LED lights
  • Pigment
  • A bottle of glue
  • Brush, Tweezers, and some other little tools
  • Instruction of assembly process

How to make or build a dollhouse?

Assemble Process: Cute and Amazing Mini Garden House comes with English assembly instructions with detailed illustrations and pictures.

  • Twine the rope around the wire and paste.
  • The wire can be folded as a hand shank of a water breaker.

Lowest price for DIY miniature Cathy's flower dollhouse online.

  • Twine and paste the khaki wire on the little box.
  • You can put green plants into the box.

Buy new Cathys greenhouse at cheapest price.

  • Fold the paper and bend the opening with tweezers.
  • You can make 2 paper bags and pack seeds into the bags.

Top of the line led mini greenhouse kit in US, UK, CA, NZ, AU, FI, GE, DE, GR, HU, IS, IE, IL, IT, NL, NO, PL, PR, ES, SG, SE, CH, TR, UA, AT, BY, BE, HR, CZ with free shipping worldwide.

Take your imagination and creativity into decorating & building your own miniature dollhouses. Showcase your own DIY piece of art in your setting today and you will surely have fun making one!

UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!

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21 reviews for DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kits

  1. B.R.J.G.

    I came across this product while searching for live miniature plants for a terrarium and purchased it on a whim even though I know nothing about and have no experience with DIY dollhouse kits. This arrived in a nice little box which keeps everything organized the parts are sorted and separated within plastic bags inside and though I think it will take me much more than the estimated 20 hours to complete this project I am having so much fun working on it. It is hard the pieces are tiny and some of them are delicate but the most difficult thing about this kit has been keeping my cat away from it. Give yourself time and patience (and a cat-free work space) and this kit will be a wonderful project for you. I am an adult; I can’t comment on how easy this might be for children or teens but probably do-able with adult assistance. I can’t wait to see the finished project and I have already decided I will be purchasing another kit from this same company. Can’t remember why I wanted live plants or a terrarium in the first place–I’m having so much fun with this project!

  2. A. Cat

    I am feeling joy at the prospect of starting to play with this kit and the other one I bought. Best self-present ever!!!!!

  3. Lizzy Lez

    A great gift idea for those who enjoy crafting and exploring their creativity.

  4. Ginger

    Enough to truly loose ones self in the crafting and immerse them selves to build a final product

  5. Kristen

    In the instructions the photos are of much more help than the written directions. Parts are packaged in multiple bags and items to build each component are rarely in the same bag.

  6. Michael

    I think the finished product will be very impressive and have not regrets about this kit. Might be challenging for a first time builder and definitely need patience to be successful.

  7. Xizi

    Omg!!!! This is sooooo fun!!!

  8. Emma Anderson

    the instructions r clear and even have pages for u to match each piece to the paper to double check u have the right pieces

  9. Danah

    In terms of quality this kit rates very high. The pieces are well made and the instructions extremely detailed.

  10. maddmarvin

    So this was my second miniature. I have enjoyed doing both of them.

  11. Lara

    Product is of good quality! I am now addicted to miniatures.

  12. Jawbc

    Another fun model to build. This one was a bit above my skill level.

  13. Melanie Mastin

    This is going to be so much fun to assemble. And all of the instructions are in English!! I will most likely order again!

  14. Mark C.

    I loved this kit! It took me three days to do this (I tend to get obsessed with projects) and my legs fell asleep for sitting for so long!

  15. Cristal

    I loved making it and immediately bought another one.

  16. Terry

    Really love the packaging! Bought it as a birthday present for my wife (greenhouse). Looks like the birthday present itself no need to pack it into something else. Details crafted laboriously and with love. Thanks! Will buy again.

  17. Jiarui Ding

    I actually can’t wait to start putting it together. Best quality!

  18. Rachelle Smith

    It is time consuming but to me that means hours of entertainment!!

  19. Artur Baryshev

    It’s far beyond my expectation! The quality is really nice! After finishing it I’ll post some pictures.

  20. Marcia Britain

    Giving this 5 stars without hesitation!

  21. Hhdoglovr

    I am about half way through the build and really enjoying it.

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