Ceramic Smoking Dragon Backflow Incense Cone Burner Holder For Sale

Ceramic Backflow Smoking Dragon Incense Cone Burner Holder


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Ceramic Smoking Dragon Backflow Incense Cone Burner Holder For SALE

  • Being creatures of fireside and smoke, these dragons are happy to burn incense for you and don’t mind catching the ashes either, so long as they’re placed to regular use so that they get to relish the smell of your favorite incense, as well.
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  • Our medieval dragon head incense burners are excellent for enjoying an honest dragon incense stick burner or dragon incense cone burner of your favorite scent.
  • Despite their look, the incense burners have a spectacular level of detail and a wallet-friendly disposition. The smoking dragon incense burners available are best for burning your favorite scents. However, they’re additionally budget-friendly, which implies that they’re excellent for personal acquisition and also as a unique gift to relinquish to others.

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  • The fierce dragon makes a hanging piece of home decoration – particularly if you wish the scent of incense. The Dragon backflow Incense burner sounds like a close sculpture once not in use, and trails of smoke imitate a body of water once it is!
  • The dragon crouches on the prime of a rocky outcrop, and its wings unfold to every aspect because it snarls.
  • The piece shows incredible detail and texturing, displaying every scale of the dragon and ridge of the rock with care. After you burn your cone of incense back behind the dragon, the backflow style leads the path of smoke in a very winding road through the rocks within the impression of a body of water, giving the dragon incense burner an atmospheric impact.
  • Crafted from the hand-painted organic compound in a very dappled grey hue, this piece is bound to become a favorite of fantasy enthusiasts!

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How to use a dragon incense burner?

  • Create an exquisite smoke waterfall, right within the middle of your lounge. This unimaginable backflow incense burner provides an illusion of smoke flowing through the mouth of a dragon. Unique back-flow incense cones got to be used with this incense burner to confirm that the smoke swirls in the reverse direction, that’s from high to bottom. Add this to your home ornament, or just get one as a party gift for your freshly moved friend. The ultimate Ceramic Dragon Incense Burner is a great incense burner for smoke backflowing that seems like water streaming down the stream.
  • Burning incense is believed to get rid of pollutants and purify the air and up its quality. It’s an honest impact on sleep disorder, anxiety, stress, irritability, depression, and alternative diseases. Enter into the planet of the grim with this delicately elaborate Lacerta dragon incense burner. Lacerta, the dragon, travels the waters of the Atlantic Ocean seas, robbery ships, and seeking treasure. Silver and gold she ignores. She cares just for the hearts and souls of men. Lacerta is roofed in beautiful detail, from the tip of her armor-clad tail to her deliciously creepy smile as she reminisces over her latest victim.

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  • Item: Backflow Dragon Incense Burner
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 20cm x 19cm x 10cm (Approx)
  • Applications: Use in home, office, hotel, tea house, yoga studio, Buddhist temple, meditation, living room, etc.
  • Efficacy: Decorative item, help in focus, calm the nerves, and makes the environment fresh using its aroma.

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Package Includes:


UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!

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21 reviews for Ceramic Backflow Smoking Dragon Incense Cone Burner Holder

  1. Suzanne

    Best purchase I have ever made. No regrets i recommend everyone has this in their house.

  2. Thundarian

    This little collection of backflow incense is great for the money.

  3. uktravailer

    They all smell nice and it’s a good price for the qty.

  4. Deborah K

    This is a really cool incense burner.

  5. Kristen

    Recipient was pleased

  6. Michael

    As described

  7. Jessica Young

    My grandson loved them

  8. NCogni

    Large variety of scents

  9. Melynda King

    It was a hit at our house. Easy to use clean and storage

  10. Emily L

    I love the way the smoke follows the path made very well

  11. Robert Johnson

    This is very cool! It works beautifully.

  12. Niccy

    very pleased with the product they smell lovely

  13. Kelly

    Lovely backflow cones which arrived very quickly too thanks!

  14. Chance Runk

    wonderful incense set. pretty package.

  15. Danny

    I used it immediately so I don’t have any comments about longevity. It is absolutely beautiful and what I expected. It definitely works and is such a mesmerizing effect to watch the smoke cascade. The incense looks like it absolutely will stain a surface with whatever color it is and it also leaves a sticky looking residue on the holder. I strongly suggest setting it on a glass surface or something that you don’t care about getting stained.

  16. Julie Fern

    they smell nice and the reverse flow looks really cool in my reverse flow burner.

  17. Leann s

    Great value for the money

  18. Michelle L.

    Love the smells and the variety. Great for the price

  19. Leah K.

    Scent is great and they last pretty long to me.

  20. Claudia

    I bougbt this for my friend and she loved it

  21. Big T

    funny piece of art for the bathroom. The smoke really does work.

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