40 Pcs/Box Best Backflow Burning Cone Shaped Fragrance Incense Cones 2020

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40 Pcs/Box Best Backflow Burning Cone Shaped Scented Aroma Incense Cones 2020


Scent cones are the best backflow burning incense cones whose fragrance will make every inch of your space heaven-like. Wipe off stress and other negative energies with calming and positive vibes with cone shaped incense. The smoke going downwards will create a mesmerizing hot water spring effect. With these burning incense cones, now enjoy aromatherapy at home.


  • Easy to use: Cone incense is super simple to use. These come in handy whenever you want to enjoy it.
  • Variety: To surprise you, they come in a variety of fragrances. There are different scents available for different occasions and moods.
  • Available Incense Scents: Would you not like your room to smell like a summer meadow? Available scents are mint, flower blossom, sandalwood, lemon, eaglewood, jasmine, moonwort, lavender, lily, magnolia, and rose.
  • Multi-purpose: Scented cone incense can be used anywhere be it your home, bedroom, kitchen, workplace, meditation room, camps. Direct wind may affect the longevity of the cone and its sweet smell.
  • Best gift: These certainly qualify for the best gift for birthday and marriage anniversaries. Use it at parties, dates, birthday parties, special occasions, get together, romantic moments, marriages.
  • Health benefits: Burn incense cones and boost your health. These are the best stress buster, cure insomnia, and improve sleep quality.
  • Relax enhancers: Scented incense cones have a hole in the back for the backflow of incense smoke that will alleviate your stress and make your moments serene and peaceful.
  • Most suitable for: yoga, meditation, wedding, dates, deodorization, and romantic moments.
  • Material: These cones are made up of natural wood powder and plant oils.
40 Pcs / Box Cone Shaped Incense For Reflux Incense Burners (SALE 2020)
Best Backflow Incense Cones

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to light incense cones?

    Burning incense cones is the easiest task to do. Use a reflux incense burner for maximum utilization of the insence cones. Use a lighter or matchstick to light them up. Easily flammable material makes the lighting process quick.

  2. How to use incense cone?

    Get a good incense burner for backflow incense cones.
    Place the incense cone on the incense burner when you want to light them up.
    Light them up using matchsticks.
    Enjoy the backflow of scented smoke and relax.

  3. How long do incense cones burn?

    Backflow incense cones that smell good usually burn for about 8-10 minutes. Use multiple cones at different locations in your room to amplify its effect.

  4. How does it work?

    The hole present at the back of the cone leads to the smoke to flow downwards. Since the density of smoke is greater than that of air, smoke flows like water creating a stunning effect.

  5. What are storage and usage conditions?

    Store it in dry conditions. Keep the room a little ventilated after ignition. After complete burning of the cone, yellow liquid and ash would be left. Clean it with water. It is advised not to use it for pregnant women or infants.


  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Number of pieces: 40
  • Size: 90.00 mm

Package Includes:

  • 40 Pcs / Box Cone Shaped Fragrance Incense Cones


Note: Actual color of the product may differ from pictures due to different monitors and light settings.

The best backflow incense cone is the most feasible way to soak you down in the aromatherapy.

It’s best to buy incense cone with the ceramic mountain river smoke waterfall incense burner.

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Burning Time

Can Burn About 8-10 Minutes

Package Includes

40 Pcs / Box


Aromatic Incense Cones


Cone Incense

Application Scene

Living Room / Office / Garden / Parlor / Yoga / Meditation

Shipping From

United States


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