Best Memory Foam Sleep Dream Cervical Neck Support Pillows 2023

Slow Rebound Memory Foam Sleep Dream Buddy Cervical Neck Support Pillows


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Best Memory Foam Bedding Neck Protection Sleep Dream Cervical Pillows

Did you wake up every day with a stiff neck, back pain, or headache?

Waking up every morning with a pain in the neck is a very unpleasant feeling and it may last all day affecting your daily routine. Pain in the neck can even be the reason for backaches, sciatica, arm and leg numbness, and usually leaves people feeling irritable and tired.

Now get rid of all your problems with our sleep dream pillows. Sleep buddy pillows will gently cradle your head and neck, providing therapeutic support.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Made up of High-Quality Material: This spine relief pillow is made up of breathable airflow polyester material and premium memory foam. It also comes along with a soft velvet outer cover which is skin-friendly and machine washable. This is best for those who like to toss and turn all night long.

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  • Unique Butterfly-Wing Design: The wave curve of this neck posture pillows complies with the body natural curve and makes breathing smooth thus reduces snoring. It has a special formula and patented technology which ensures that the pillow is soft yet firm and dense yet breathable.

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  • Ergonomic Design: These cervical pillows are an ideal side sleeping pillow with 3 ergonomic curve positions. It is designed to fit your sleep habits according to individual freedom of choice. It is suitable for a side sleeper, back sleeper, and stomach sleeper. Dream slow rebound neck pain therapy pillow can alleviate the pressure of the head and relieve tossing and turning.

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  • Helps to Ease Neck Pain: This pillow with an indent for the head is designed ergonomically and it aligns the cervical spine, distributing weight evenly, helping relieve pressure on the neck, shoulder, back stiffness, and soreness due to long working days.

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  • Other Health Benefits: This cool dream sleep pillow also reduces stress and blood pressure, cellular damage gets repaired, risk factors for disease, obesity, and depression may be reduced. Mood, memory, and concentration are improved.

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  • Size: 50*30*7*10cm / 60*34*11cm   
  • Weight: 0.65/1 kg
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • MaterialMemory Foam with Velour Cover

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Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Slow Rebound Memory Foam Pillow
  • Pillow cover included

Where can i buy a cervical pillow?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do cervical pillows work?

Answer: Compared with traditional pillows, cervical pillows have been found to reduce neck discomfort especially pain that occurs in the morning after four weeks of use. But proper usage is important, so talk to your doctor or chiropractor about how to correctly position your head on the pillow.

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What are you waiting for? Just go through our sleep dream cervical pillow reviews and order online this greatest pillow ever before the stock last. Research has shown that fixing sleep positioning with a good, solid neck pain support pillow equated to healing well over 60% of patients reporting to a physical therapist and chiropractor about the neck and back pain.

Good Health Starts With Good Sleep

Brand Name




Thread Count



Memory Foam


Polyester / Cotton



Fabric Count





Grade A

Model Number





0.5-1 kg

17 reviews for Slow Rebound Memory Foam Sleep Dream Buddy Cervical Neck Support Pillows

  1. A***a

    I suffered whiplash many years ago but it never goes away completely so I always use firm contour pillows for my neck. When this pillow arrived and it was softer than what I was use to I was very skeptical. I kept the packaging for 4 weeks just in case. Well now I am up to 3 months and I love this pillow. I sleep on my back but sometimes on my side and this pillow handles both positions. You do have to get use to the shape of the pillow because your head kind of sinks into it but yet it still keeps my neck aligned, I have no neck pain. I hope this pillow last for a year.

  2. A***n

    I have slipped disks and also a habit of sleeping on my tummy or side. I often wake up with massive migraines when using regular, water or even memory foam pillows. This pillow works wonders! Confortable and haven’t woke up with a headache since. I can’t tell you how long this will last tho. I have only had the pillow for a week. We shall see! *fingers crossed*

  3. M***D

    well packed , I will try it and leave another comment . Thank you

  4. D***a

    The pillow corresponds to the description. I have a problem with my back and neck, hoped that this pillow will get rid of it until (in two days) no result, I will try not to forget to supplement the review in a couple of weeks. I have the same feeling on all orthopaedic pillows that it presses on me from the bottom when I lie. I consider its shape ideal: the dip for the neck to sleep on the back and dip under the shoulder to sleep on the side-very convenient. Let’s see. Good store, communication, fast delivery to Novosibirsk.

  5. J***o

    Pillow as in the picture. Came packed simply in a bag, was folded twice. One of the best supportive neck pillows I have used in my life.

  6. V***v

    Neck pain relief after a car accident

  7. R***r

    I had a hard time choosing a pillow, since I am a primarily side and stomach sleeper. I have bulging disks in my neck and it really made me skeptical of any pillow. At first ‘squish’ it seems this pillow is too squishy/soft for support, but it really is super comfy and just enough. I have been using about 3 weeks now and it doesn’t smell and felt great from night one.

  8. C***a

    Pillow apparently good, will test.

  9. E***i

    Good quality. Thanks for the blinker. Good pillow.

  10. H***i

    Very good pillow! I now fall asleep within minutes and wake up with no neck or shoulder pain. It gets time to get used to since it’s smaller than other pillows.

  11. S***u

    I was very impressed: the pillow arrived TRIPLE packaged. It was in the box, inside which was a bag to carry the pillow, inside which was a plastic bag, inside which was the beautiful, clean, nice-smelling, comfortable pillow. Incredible!

    I lay on it right away and didn’t want to get up: too comfortable!

    I had a neck injury recently and this pillow is helping with pain relief. I’m 5’10” and the support it provides is excellent!

  12. N***r

    Great pillow! Thank you to the store for the gifts! I order the second one (not exactly the same, but the principle is the same): So I’m used to sleeping on foam, that the cottage also needed a pillow. I ordered “white”, it is small yellow crapinks.

  13. A***h

    Surprising effect of getting me to want to sleep on my back

  14. R***d

    The pillow has great quality. Thanks to store for the gifts! Absolutely recommend!!!

  15. Customer

    In appearance and to the touch is excellent. I have not tried to sleep yet, but it is convenient to lie on it.

  16. N***n

    The pillow corresponds to the description. Pillowcase 100% polyc. thnq

  17. L***o

    Very good product

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