Best Portable Electric Power Food Warmer Heating Lunch Box 2023

Portable Electric Power Food Warmer Heating Lunch Box


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Best Electric Power Lunch Box Food Heater

Do you drive for a long time every day and want to enjoy a warm meal while sitting in your car seat?

Then here is the solution for you, this portable electric lunch box. Now you can now enjoy your favorite meal sitting in your seat or on the go with this amazing electric lunch box. Using this electric lunchbox, you can warm your food and enjoy it anywhere anytime without a microwave.

This electric heating lunch box is perfect for heating your meal at school, in the office, or during travel.

This electric tiffin box is very easy to clean, highly portable, and made up of food-grade material. This is the best solution for drivers who spend their days on the road.

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Benefits & Features:

  • High-Quality Material: This heated lunch box is made up of food-grade PP plastic and 304 stainless steel containers. This electric lunch box has a strong heat resistance and also meets all safety standards of dietary materials.

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  • Easy To Clean and Compact: This heatable lunch box is very easy to clean as it contains a removable stainless-steel tray. You can remove this tray and clean it easily. The outer container will not allow any leakage and keep foods fresh. It is also compact and portable and its anti-scalding handle makes it easy to carry the box with you anywhere.

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  • Quick Action: This heated lunch container heats up the food very fast as it features PTC original constant temperature heating. Now you don’t need to wait for your turn to use the microwave for heating. Simply, you need to put the food into the electric lunch box, plug it into a card connector or any 110V plug, wait for some moment and you can enjoy a warm meal sitting in your seat.

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  • Multiuse: This power lunch box is very easy to use and the waterproof design of the plug port allows it safe. It has a 12V Cars/Trucks adapter and 110V Home Use Plugs, you can easily heat your meal at school, in the office, or during travel.
  • 2 Separate Compartments: This electric tiffin box has a removable plastic compartment in case if you want to separate different kinds of food.

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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How electric lunch box works?

Ans: When you are using an electric lunchbox, you are applying heat to keep the food warm. Put the cooked food from the rice container or the dish container, after that fasten the lead. Then Open the socket stopper, insert the power cord. Switch on the power, check the power indicator light. Heating food just needs 25 minutes on the condition of 25 degrees centigrade. This portable electric lunch box is ergonomically designed for easy transport and is highly safe to use. Two different plugs are included with this electric lunch box, one is 110v for heated lunch box meals at the office and a 12v/24v adapter for car and truck rides.

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  • Size: 238 x 170x 108mm
  • Power: 40W
  • Voltage: 12V-24V + 110V-240V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Capacity: 1.1-1.2L
  • Adapter Cable Length (for home): 121cm
  • Adapter Cable Length (for car): 78cm
  • Plug specification: US Plug/EU Plug
  • Colors Available: Green, Orange, Blue, Pink

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Package Include:

  • 1 x Heated Lunch Box
  • 1 x Adapter Cable For Home
  • 1 x Adapter Cable For Car

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What are you waiting for? Just go through the electric lunch box reviews by clicking on the review tab and order online these amazing heated lunch containers before the stock lasts. Now remain healthy by avoiding eating outside, enjoy your favorite homemade anywhere anytime at school, in the office, or during long travel. It is the best solution to enjoy a favorite homemade meal, save your money, and remain healthy. 


Best Electric Heating Tiffin Lunch Box Food Heater (Upgraded 2021)


Portable Food Container Heater


This plug-in portable electric heatable tiffin lunch box food heater for car, truck, office or home keeps your food fresh and tasty. This portable hot lunch box helps you in heating your food anywhere and anytime.

2 in 1 car/truck food heater tiffin box (12V-24V) and home/office heated lunch box (110V-240V) kit.


This portable electric food warmer lunch box is made up of premium quality food-grade PP plastic and 304 stainless steel.


Rectangle Portable Cooking Lunch Box

Package Includes

1 x Portable Food Warmer Lunch Box (2021)
1 x Adapter Cable For Home
1 x Adapter Cable For Cars/Trucks


Electric Heated Lunch Box

Plug Type

This lunch box warmer comes with US Plug or EU Plug.


1.5L Heating Tiffin Box




12V – 24V + 110V – 240V


50 – 60Hz

Cable Length

This premium heating lunch box comes with two cables, one for home and the other for cars or trucks.
1) Adapter cable length (for the home or office): 121cm
2) Adapter cable length (for the trucks, cars, or any other type of vehicles): 78cm

20 reviews for Portable Electric Power Food Warmer Heating Lunch Box

  1. F***a

    I purchased this portable hot tiffin lunch box for my daughter who drives a Senior Bus and has never been able to have leftovers since they needed to be heated up. She loves her lunchbox! She takes it every day with her to work, even if she is in the office she can just plug it in and enjoy it!!

  2. O***n

    All as per the description of the goods. I turned it on-it works. Thank you very much Trend Volt 🙂

  3. O***)

    The goods came very quickly-even surprised! Box-condition is not for the gift. The kit is full. Works thanks to the store for the goods and fast delivery.

  4. G***t

    Love my plug in lunch box heater!!!!

  5. A***l

    I purchased this for work lunches. I put some instant flat noodles in and the seasoning and left it to heat for 25 min. It was very warm, almost hot but the noodles needed a little more time. I would leave it for 45 min next time. It was easy to use- plug in not car socket- and easy to clean. The cord is a good length, not too short so you can reach an extension under a desk, but just barely. I plan to mainly just re-heat leftovers, but nice to know it can cook something simple in a pinch.

  6. E***a

    I love this. I’m out on the road every day for work and sometimes I just want a hot meal for lunch. I put my leftovers in this and it warms it up very well. I turn it on 20 minutes before I want to eat. (Depending on how much food I put in it, it may need a few more minutes to warm up.) But once this thing gets hot it on a roll. Just stir or flip your food halfway through. I add a tiny bit of olive oil to coat the bottom and sides, that way my food doesn’t stick. Makes for easier clean up too.

  7. L***l

    I love this. My only regret is I wish I found out about this sooner. I no longer have to wait in line at work for the microwave. I plug in at my desk a half hour before my lunchtime for perfect temperature. I don’t eat much so if you fill-up the lunchbox then plug in longer. It only took me 2 times to find the right heating time.

  8. A***v

    This is the best find in a while! When you’re working in a car and want to have a hot meal, this is the best and can’t be beat! It came fast and had a charger for the office and car. I would highly recommend this!

  9. S***r

    I wanted to get my roommate a gift that she would actually use and this was definitely the best choice.
    It is very practical and easy to clean. The size is perfect for packing lunch for work and it can fit a lot of things with the different compartments. It helps to keep the food separated when you don’t want it to mix.
    She has been using this for over 2 months and it is still in great shape, I’m even wanting to order one for myself.

  10. S***s

    Works as in the description. Got there quickly. Heats about 30 minutes.

  11. A***a

    This is a PERFECT Road Trip Car Oven

  12. Ж***в

    Safe to use and easy to clean.

  13. F***r

    PERFECT to those who work outdoors in the COLD!!!

  14. R***r

    All norms all works

  15. A***n

    I bought this for my husband. He used it yesterday and said it heated his food within an hour and I mean piping hot. He overloaded the container and the liquid was bubbling out but it works well. His friend has a diff brand and it takes a few hours to warm the food. His is a plastic container and ours is metal. What a value!!

  16. Customer

    This is very good! Very well function and easy to use. Unfortunately, the packaging was not secured at all, but thankfully there is no damage to the item. Until the food is warm (with not too full of food) took 20-30 minutes (in the car). It took quite a long if you have full food in the container but still OK! Worth it.

  17. A***z

    This food heating lunch box looks very good, also looks good quality, excellent price.

  18. A***t

    Great electric heating lunch box, checked, everything works. Delivered straight to the apartment.

  19. T***o

    I needed a plug-in lunch warmer that had a car cable this one came with both a car and a home cable and at the best price. Hot food tastes great.

  20. O***n

    I love this little portable lunch box warmer! It’s not big where it takes up space on my desk at work! It heats up quick! Very convenient! Thanks to whoever invented this Lil guy! Just what I needed for work!

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