Long Range Omni Directional Digital 1080P HDTV HDMI Indoor Antenna

Omni Directional Long Range 80 Miles Digital 1080P HDTV HDMI Indoor Antenna


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Best Long Range Omni Directional Digital Hdtv HDMI Indoor Antenna

Are you tired of paying a monthly fee for watching your favorite channels, local news, weather forecast, and sitcoms, kids and sports programs, etc?
Now use this omni directional tv antenna and watch all your favorite shows with crystal clear pictures and save your monthly wages.
omni directional tv antenna
Best long distance tv antenna

Features of omni directional tv antenna:

  • Free HD Channels: With this flat digital antenna, you can receive all free broadcast full HD Channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and others as seen on tv digital antenna.
  • Long Access Range: This long range antenna allows us to picks signals within 80 Miles range, it can be placed anywhere in the home.
  • High Length Coaxial Cable: This long-range indoor HDTV antenna can be placed at any position for the best reception in your house.
  • Innovative Design: This best long range digital tv antenna is made up of thin, small-size environmentally friendly flame retardant PC soft material.

long range antenna reviewsBest long range digital tv antenna

Specifications of long range tv antenna:

  • Product size:9 x 12 x 0.4 inches
  • Product Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p/ ATSC
  • Reception Range: 80 miles
  • Coaxial Cable: 3.7M length
  • Impedance:75Ohm
  • Item Color: Black
  • Current Consumption: 20mA
  • Operation Temperature: -45 ~ 85℃
  • Storage Temperature: -45 ~ 85℃

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Long Range Omni Directional HDTV Antenna
Omni directional indoor tv antenna.
Omni-directional amplified Indoor tv antenna
what is the best omni directional indoor tv antenna?
Buy best indoor tv antenna

How do I install a digital TV antenna?

Step 1: Firstly, for this digital antenna installation, connect the end-attached coaxial cable to the ANT/IN connector on the back of the digital Converter box and plug the USV into the USB port of the TV or Digital Converter Box.
Step 2: Now, place the antenna near the window horizontally or vertically.
Step 3: In the setup menu of TV s or STB s, set TV to scan for channels.
Step 4: If the reception is isolated, try to move the antenna to another location and rescan the TV until the optimal position is found.
Step 5: Finally, fix digital antenna HDMI at the optimal position you found and enjoy.
indoor omni-directional flat amplified digital tv antenna
Best indoor tv antenna for rural areas.
Best omnidirectional antenna reviews 2020.Best long range omni directional digital hdtv HDMI antenna.
Before you buy, just go through these two useful websites to find out what channels you should be able to get at your home:
1. “dtv.gov/maps” which is run by the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Broadcasters. The interface hasn’t changed in over a decade, but it’s simple and the information is useful.
2. “TVFool” which is more complex but gives a lot more detail including gorgeous plots of theoretical signal strength and where the broadcast towers are located.
So, cut down your monthly bills to a great extent, and as seen on tv HDTV digital indoor antenna allows you to watch over 500,000 movies and TV episodes in vibrant colors and detailed contrast through this long distance tv antenna.
Model Number

TV Antenna



Frequency Range

174~240 MHz, 470~862 MHz



14 reviews for Omni Directional Long Range 80 Miles Digital 1080P HDTV HDMI Indoor Antenna

  1. Darrell 


  2. Carmina 

    Never got the blue on the signal bar with other antennas before, also like it very thin can put on the window, Good product

  3. Cori 

    I’ve tried a few different Antennas and this by far has the best!

  4. Lissa 

    All the time with TV take up network bandwidth anguish this is good, need not take up broadband flow, install simple namely plug and play, very convenient, our whole family likes very much!

  5. Araceli 

    I bought this antenna after a cloudy and rainy day when m free signals were interrupted. This one is much better than my current antenna and lets me see the long lost Channel 7 ABC! We are east of LA about 20 miles from Mt Wilson where the TV signals come from. I can now see quite a few more channels, too. Happy!

  6. Sebastian 

    Super easy to install! Perfect for the camper out back and helps me from purchasing another cable box. Picture is crisp and clear.
    Added 63 channels!
    The kids are excited!

  7. Mario 

    Will save me $$ every month!

  8. Paulita 


  9. Kasey G. Robnett

    I am always hoping to find an indoor antenna that would pick up stations as far away as advertised as I would like to be able to receive the local stations in non-compressed HD. I have not had much luck with any indoor antennas.

  10. William Dean Huffstutler

    My TV is in a weird area blocked by a few walls, which meant signal was generally bad with other antennas. This one, though, picked up the missing channels, and then some. There’s stuff in my OTA TV guide that I didn’t know exist, and the signal strength is really good.

  11. Meghann 

    A few months ago we put one of these in our home in OK. The improvement was significant. Because of that we got another one for our vacation home in SW Florida between Sarasota and Fort Myers. It replaces the one we had in our attic and with this new one and our signal improvement was significant. We added about 15 new channels and also now have better reception on the older ones as well as the new ones.

  12. Laura

    Took me a while to install but I got a lot more channels

  13. Marceline Lillibridge

    AmazIng Antenna For The Price

  14. Jeanne 

    This was a simple installation and the results are excellent. The unit comes with mounting hardware as well, for various installation options.

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