Best Bee Shaped No Drip Honey/Maple Syrup Dispenser Pourer Jar

Bee Shaped No Drip Honey/Maple Syrup Dispenser Pourer Jar


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Honey Comb Shaped Dripless Honey/Maple/Chocolate Syrup Pot Dispenser Jar

Are you fed up with messy honey leaks while using it?

Now say goodbye to all those mess and drip while using your honey with this best honey dispenser. There will be no drips or trails spilled which will keep your table clean. There will be no wastage of even a single drop of honey or other liquid as the honey stream stops immediately as soon as when you release the trigger. This honey syrup dispenser is made up of durable and tough acrylic materials. It has a unique transparent honeycomb design.

Now you do not need to shake the container to get your favorite sauce flowing. Simply push the trigger and it instantly flows out the bottom. Spread your favorite syrup on your tea pancakes, and even in coffee, without any mess.

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Features & Benefits:

  • High-Quality Material: This best no drip honey dispenser is made up of food-grade acrylic and ABS material which is tough. It is also durable, transparent, and has an interesting and attractive bee shaped honeycomb design.
  • Unique and Attractive Design: This dripless honey dispenser has a unique and attractive honeycomb design that does not waste even a single drop of honey or any kind of syrup. You don’t need to desperately try to stop the honey flow with this honey dispenser. You simply need to depress and the release of the honey stream stops. There will be no drips or trails.
  • Convenient to Use: This honey container pot is very convenient to use. You simply need to press the trigger and then release it. The honey or any other kind of syrup immediately stops flowing without messy trails.

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  • No more Dripping: As soon as you release or depress the trigger the honey stream stops immediately.
  • Keeps Honey Fresh: This honey dispenser has its own bottom stopper which keeps your honey server airtight. Every time when you put honey in your tea, pancakes, and even in coffee, it will be fresh.
  • Unique Trigger: This honey comb shaped honey jar with stand features a unique trigger that is extremely sturdy and strong.
  • No wastage of honey: There will be no wastage of even a single drop of your tasty chocolate, honey, maple syrup, or other liquid as the stream stops immediately.

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  • Multi-use: This honey server dispenser holds 1 cup (8 Ounces) of any liquid. You can use this to store honey, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, sugar, or any kind of liquid you want to serve.
  • A perfect gift: You can gift this honey pourer to your loved ones and make their life a little sweeter. This is a perfect gift choice for your family, friends, or co-workers as a holiday present.
  • Stopper Plug: This honey server dispenser also features a special stopper at the bottom outlet which keeps your honey pot airtight and keeps the honey fresh for a long time.
  • Transparent Container: Transparent acrylic container allows you to see surplus honey clearly.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How to use the no drip honey dispenser?

Answer: To use no drip honey dispenser follow these steps:

  • Place the stopper plug on the mouth at the downside of the bee shaped container that will be used to pour your favorite syrups.
  • Keep the dispenser on a flat surface or on the container stand that comes with this dispenser and fill it with honey syrup, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, or a similar liquid.
  • Once filled, close the dispenser with the honey dispenser trigger lid that will be pressed to pour the honey or syrups.
  • Now you simply need to push the trigger to serve and then release it, your honey or syrup immediately stops dripping without messy trails.
  • Make sure to remove the stopper plug from the mouth of the honey pourer before using it on your favorite dishes.
  • Now you don’t need to desperately try to stop the honey flow. This gravity-fed system is the ultimate way to have your favorite sauce ready to go.
  • These no-drip honey pots can be used to store not only honey syrup but also chocolate syrups, maple syrups, sugar syrups, or any other syrups you want to serve.

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  • Material: Premium Quality Acrylic/ABS
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 46 x 4.25 x 3.46 inches

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Package Include:

  • 1 x Dripless Honey Syrup Dispenser Container

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What are you waiting for? Just go through the reviews of this amazing maple or honey syrup dispenser by clicking on the review tab and order online now before the stock lasts. This best honeycomb-shaped dispenser with a stand is going to be a unique great addition to your kitchenware. Easy, convenient, fast, and healthy, now distribute the taste of honey, while keeping your hands and kitchen clean.

Product Name

Honey Juice Dispenser


Premium Quality Acrylic/ABS


No Drip Honey And Syrup Dispenser


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