Stainless Steel Motorcycle Handlebar Beverage Drink Coffee Cup Holder

Stainless Steel Motorcycle Handlebar Beverage Drink Cup Holder


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Diamond Plate Chrome Stainless Steel Motorcycle Cup Holders

Do you feel thirsty while riding on your motorbike?

Do you cut your ride short because of a “parched passenger”?

Now say goodbye to your thirsty ride and stay hydrated all the way with this cup holder for motorcycle.

While riding a motorcycle, exposure to the sun and wind leads to dehydration much faster than riding in a car. Now remain hydrated with this amazing stainless steel motorcycle cup holder with your cup, can, or bottle in easy reach.

cup holder for motorcyclemotorcycle handlebar cup holder

Features & Benefits of Motorcycle Drink Holders:

  • Easy to Install: This diamond plate stainless steel motorcycle cup holder contains an adjustable clamp to easily attach to a motorcycle or bike, and comes with foam cup inserts and a hex key wrench plus an extra screw. This cupholder fits both 1″ and 1-1/4″ handlebars.
  • Made up of high-quality material: This cup holder for motorcycles is made up of a high-quality stainless-steel plate that is durable and resistant to rust.
  • Adjustable: This motorcycle chrome coffee cup holder is adjustable and it gets adjusted with your beverage cup or bottle size.

motorcycle cup holder

  • Attachment Option: You can attach this chrome cup holder for a motorcycle at different places. This motorcycle handlebar cup holder can also be easily detached from a chrome-plated steel bracket.
  • Chrome-plated: This chrome motorcycle cup holder is chrome plated with premium quality and solid bottom ensuring your container does not slip through the holder.
  • Wide Applications: This cup holder for a motorcycle can also be used to hold beverages, sunglasses, cell phones, radios, etc. This can also be used in bicycles ATVs boats and even lawn chairs also.

handlebar cup holder

Specifications of Handlebar Chrome Cup Holder:

  • Product Weight:8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:4 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches
  • Fit: Universal Fit
  • Mount: Round/Square Tube 3/8″ to 1-1/2″ In Diameter

chrome motorcycle cup holder

Note: The video above shows the older version of the motorcycle cup holder and the product listed on this page is the new and updated version of the motorcycle cup holder.

Now you do not need to find a shop or gas station to grab a refreshing beverage because you can carry one with you.

What are you waiting for? Just go through the motorcycle cup holder reviews by clicking the review tab and order this best motorcycle cup holder before the stocks last.

18 reviews for Stainless Steel Motorcycle Handlebar Beverage Drink Cup Holder

  1. Kevin 

    Absolute game changer.

  2. Theresa

    Get one and mount it on your crash bars and you’re good to go. I would suggest mounting on the left side if you’re the type to go on a long ride so you can sip while cruising. Mount on the right side if you find yourself in traffic or stopped a lot.

  3. Melaine 

    Everything amazing! I recommend!

  4. Tesha 

    This is a very well made product with a nice chrome finish.

  5. Araceli 

    I wouldn’t recommend putting a coffee cup in it unless you brought one from home that is well sealed.

  6. Sebastian 

    Nice addition to my road king. I had to put it on the right side of my handle bars, because it would have hit the gas tank when parked. That is a problem with the bike configuration, not the cup holder. Having a water bottle handy is a plus.

  7. Mario 

    Every one needs cup holder

  8. Paulita 

    Excellent quality and durable..

  9. Kasey G. Robnett

    Arrived on time East to install in few minutes I didn’t use the rubber piece behind bolt instead used couple flat washers and lock washer and make sure the little slot is in side of cup holder when Tighten bolt up then the bolt be little shorter with washers on and be loose unless your really rough with it it will stay in place

  10. William Dean Huffstutler

    The quality of the mount bracket is good quality, the “can” feels like metal, but thin/light weight. I used red locktite on the screws as I have read they can back out.

  11. Meghann 

    Very happy with this purchase

  12. Darrell 

    This is a very good cup holder… I have had 3 of them so far. The design to secure the cup to the mount can be improved.. I added a Washer and locked it down tight and it works great. When you first install this cup to the mount, it works fine, but with all the vibrations it gets loose over time. Just add a washer and Voila, like new..

  13. Carmina 

    Works like it should but harleys shake

  14. Cori 

    works great for the price !

  15. Lissa 

    Awesome product!

  16. Rayford 

     a nice product even if you can’t use it much

  17. Jeanne 

    I want to thank this store for the fast shipment and responsiveness. I wasn’t sure I was going to like these.

  18. Marceline Lillibridge

    Looks good and works well!

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