Baby Infant Toddler Teething Hand Mittens Self Soothing Gloves

Baby Infant Toddler Teething Hand Mittens Self Soothing Gloves


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Baby Infant Toddler Kids Teething Pain Relief Self Soothing Hand Mittens Gloves


Teething mittens for babies has a textured silicone surface which helps infants relieve sore gums and prevents scratching. It is an ideal product for babies to soothe them from pain during the teething period. The unique design enables it to be worn on any of the hands. It is easy to carry around.

A unique product for kids who cannot hold teethers. One of the useful ways to stop thumb-sucking of your munchkin. This makes it an ideal baby shower gift.

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  • Safe: Completely safe material for your toddler. It is made up of food-grade silicone. It is PVC-free.

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  • Great material Quality: The silicone used is non-toxic, odorless, and non-allergic to babies. It is lead-free and latex-free.

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  • Comfortable: The textured surface of baby teething mittens overwhelms the infant to use it more and forget one’s teething pain. It also helps to rub the gums.

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  • Hassle-free fitting: Fits perfectly on the baby’s hand and the hook strap present prevents it from falling off the baby’s hands.
  • Adjustable: Infant mittens come with an adjustable fastener with a hook strap that fits as per baby’s hands.
  • Entertaining: Makes a crinkle sound whenever the baby bites it, drawing the baby’s attention and keeping him engaged.
  • Interchangeable: It can be worn on any hand whichever baby likes.
  • Reusable: It is machine-washable and dryable, could be reused, and could be sterilized.
  • It facilitates the hand-eye coordination of the baby.
  • The cow gloves shape design with rich colors can help in the baby’s color recognition.
  • The massage points are evenly distributed and can effectively massage the baby’s gums, and alleviate the teething discomfort.

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  • The squeaky design of teething mittens for babies is interesting and can attract the attention of your baby.
  • Available in 4 colors that you can choose from for your little babies.

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  • Weight: 25g
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 10 X 7 X 4 cm
  • Color: Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow (Color may slightly vary from images depending upon your computer display settings)
  • Suitable Age Group: For Infants over 3 months
  • Use: Relieves Baby Bites
  • Gender: Unisex

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How To Use:

  • Unlock the hook strap present on the baby teething glove.
  • Slide your toddler’s hand into it.
  • Lock the hook strap again to keep it from coming out.

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Self-Care Tips For The Product:

  1. Wash it completely and let it dry before use.
  2. Wash baby hand mittens regularly between uses to eliminate any residual fabric.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 Piece x Infant Toddler Baby Hand Mitten Teether Self-Soothing Glove

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Uniquely designed baby mittens with multiple textured surfaces are worth every penny for the relief it provides to your baby.


Single loaded

Material Feature

BPA Free





Model Number

Teether Gloves



Age Range

> 4 months

21 reviews for Baby Infant Toddler Teething Hand Mittens Self Soothing Gloves

  1. Cori 

    Absolutely worth it! Baby approved.

  2. Tesha 

    Perfect fit

  3. Melaine 

    Super cute- super functional!

  4. Araceli 

    Exceeded my expectations!

  5. Trisha 

    For the price point, I have to say i wasnt expecting much. Just wanted something to protect her tiny little hands and fingers from her chewing on them while she has sharp teeth popping out. But this product exceeded my expectations.

  6. Reena

    Must buy !!!

  7. Araceli 

    She loves this chewy. And she loves the added bonus that it crinkles as well. She plays with them even off her hands. I recommend.

  8. Mario 

    My baby love it so much and no more crying with pain since I started to use the teething mittens.very easy to clean.

  9. Jeanne 

    Nice teethers for small baby

  10. Paulita 

    My grandbaby was teething at 4 months and didnt have the ability to hold a teether. This mit worked great for her to be able to get her chewing in without the frustration of constantly dropping her teether. She was a happy baby

  11. Kasey G. Robnett

    Perfect for my daughter

  12. William Dean Huffstutler

    The top portion is very easy for her to chew on. Mu daughter has had a habit of sucking on her middle two fingers since around a month and i am very happy with these mittens. We keep this one while she is taking a nap too.

  13. Meghann 

    Cute and practical

  14. Kevin 

    Baby loves the texture

  15. Theresa

    Would recommend these.

  16. Rayford 

    Baby likes the crinkling sound that it makes and gnaws all over the mitten (not just the textured end). Really easy to clean. She only uses one mitten at a time so I put the second one in her diaper bag for trips.

  17. Darrell 

    Great in theory. Our baby pulls them right of, but still proceeds to chew on them. He loves the crinkle sound!

  18. Marceline Lillibridge

    My son is just starting to teeth. He is constantly chewing on his fists so this is a great solution. He seems to enjoy it, though he also try’s to take it off.

  19. Carmina 

    Great for teething.

  20. Lissa 

    My daughter really likes that they make noise and she can use them as a teether.

  21. Sebastian 

    Pain free for my baby.i recommend it to my friends and family

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