Best Floating Hover Ball Dart Shooting Target Game



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Best Indoor Floating Hover Ball Target Shooting Game

Do you love playing games with your kids?

Then this hovering ball shooting game is a perfect choice for you. Enjoy your time with your kid by playing this best hover shot floating target game. You can play solo and hone your target shooting skills or even invite your family and friends to play the shooting game together and see who the best single-action sharpshooter is? This hover floating ball shooting game for kids comes with separate buttons for all fans to adjust the wind speed from high to low and vice versa.

Now enjoy this air shot floating ball target game solo or with your family and friends and have endless fun. This is an environment-friendly, safe shooting, and easy to operate suspension target game with a new floating design. This hovering ball shooting game can be a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for your children. They can enjoy this happy target game anytime and anywhere.

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Benefits & Features:

  • High-Quality Material: This hover ball shooting game is made up of high-quality materials that have passed the U.S. toy safety standards. It is a kid-friendly shooting target toy that can be enjoyed by adults as well. It is also compatible with Nerf toys. Balls are made up of soft rubber so that they are not harmful if they come in contact with a person.
  • Floating Design: This hovering ball shooting game features a floating design. When you activate the suspension target, then the ball will start floating in the air which can be reused for endless fun.

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  • Great Gift Idea: This dart shooting game can be a great gift idea for your child as well as for your friends and relatives. This floating ball target game can enhance your child’s visual processing skills, hand-eye coordination, and focus; hence it can be the best gift for your children’s birthday.
  • Promote Emotional Interaction: You can play this floating ball shooting game with many peoples at a time and promote emotional interaction by using the target.

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  • Safe and Easy to Play: This air shot hover target shooting game is made up of 100% environmentally friendly and safe plastic material. It is easy to set up and detailed assembly instructions are included with this floating shooting ball game. It has long-lasting durability and an exceptional sharp-shooting experience. The bombs are made of soft rubber; hence no one gets hurt during playing this game.
  • Adjustable Difficulty Level: You can manually adjust the difficulty level of the airstream on the target shooting gallery. and thus, make each round different from the previous ones. You can adjust to make the balls float higher or lower according to your wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How to play a floating ball shooting game?

Answer: For playing a hover shot target game, flip the switch on the module to activate the floating ball targets, load your blaster toy gun with a foam dart, cock the firing hammer, aim, and shoot; easy-to-load blaster guns hold an extra foam dart on top.

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  • Material: Environmental Friendly PVC Plastic
  • Package Size: 15*11*3 inches
  • Product weight: 2 pounds
  • Power supply: 4 C -Type Batteries (Batteries Not Included) / USB Cable

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Package Includes:

  • 1 * Target Shooting Gallery (Requires 4 C – type batteries. Not included in the package)
  • 5 * Pedestals
  • 1 * Foam Dart Gun
  • 10 * Hovering Floating Balls To Target
  • 10 * Foam Darts
  • USB Power Cable Shop new air shot hovering ball shooting game on SALE.

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