Best Adjustable Fitted Bed Sheet Corner Straps Clips Holders Grippers Set

4Pcs/Set Adjustable Fitted Bed Sheet Corner Straps Clips Holders Grippers Set


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4pcs/set Adjustable Mattress Bed Sheet Corner Grippers Clips Set

Are you tired of lifting your heavy mattresses often to fix your bedsheets?

Now with these Bed Sheet Grippers Clip Set, you do not need to worry to lift heavy mattresses.

Unlike most sheet grippers on the market, these bed sheet holders do not require lifting your mattress every time you change your sheets!

Install these bed sheet suspenders in no time by attaching the elastic bands horizontally at the head and the foot of your bed put the sheet over the adjustable bed sheet grippers and pin them down with the button! A one-hand installation, ensuring perfectly tight sheets in a matter of seconds!

Bed Sheet Clip Coverlet Anti-slip Fixed Clamps Mattress Quilt Cover Fasteners Grippers Holder

Benefits & Features:

  • Perfect for all beds: These bed sheet grippers clip set are perfectly adjustable to ensure snug fitting bed sheets, these premium bed sheet straps come in two holes for top efficiency, makes it a most ergonomic bed sheet holder for all full, king, Queen, Toddler or Hospital bedding sets!

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  • Easy to install: These bed sheet clips have a non-slip design. Simply insert the sheet holders under the mattress, press the button, and secure it.

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  • Good Quality: These best bed sheet grippers are made up of good quality material and are very useful for your bedroom.

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  • Easy to use: These fitted sheet clips are excellent to fix and remove bed sheets, satin sheets, mattress covers, blankets, etc. Keep your bed sheets in position.

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  • Wide Compatibilities: These sheet straps fit with the fitted sheet and flat sheet; This versatile bed sheet gripper works with all types of bedding. And your bed sheet will stay in place for a long time and keep your bed always looking great.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How to use bed sheet grippers?

Answer: These bed sheet holders have a non-slip design, simply insert the sheet holders under the mattress, press the button, and secure it.

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  • Short: 9.5×9.5cm/3.74×3.74in, (available for mattresses above 9cm/3.54in in height)
  • Long: 17.5×9.5cm/6.89×3.74in, (available for mattresses above 16cm/6.3in in height)
  • Uses: Fixed sheets to make the sheets smooth
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White, Grey, Pink

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Package Include:

  • 1 x Plastic Bed Sheet Grippers Clip Set(4Pcs set)

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What are you waiting for? Order these amazing sheet corner grippers now before the stocks last. Now you do not need to worry about the bed sheet keeps coming off. Just use these mattress sheet grippers and fix and remove bed sheets, satin sheets, mattress covers, and blankets in no time.



Model Number

Bed Sheet Clips

14 reviews for 4Pcs/Set Adjustable Fitted Bed Sheet Corner Straps Clips Holders Grippers Set

  1. RoseFire

    easy to put on and have stayed in place even with all my rolling around and getting in and out during the night. Highly recommend!!

  2. Stokes Elena

    They work sooo well!

  3. Tucker Natalie

    Love them!

  4. David Fazzari

    I am VERY PLEASED with them. I will order another set this week.

  5. Keshawn

    They worked a charm! Bed making heaven.

  6. Janice Gordon

    Was skeptical…But they work easily and perfectly

  7. Roxanne Marie

    Was curious { THEY WORK }

  8. Tarin G

    I was not sure what to think, I like the sheets where my feet lie to be tight on the bed but after a few days the sheets loosen up and the feel is gone, so I thought one of these on the right side back towards the feet and another directly behind my feet. It’s been now 14 days, but the sheets held up, they are just as tight as the first day and have no issues, so to be honest, great buy, works as intended…

  9. D. Garcia

    Less interrupted sleep

  10. Shelly

    I know these had to be invented by a woman! We are the ones making the bed.

  11. Josefina Juarez

    Holds sheets even with extreme movement

  12. Lorena Gobbato

    wonderful idea

  13. Sarah

    They work great and they are easy to install.

  14. Farrah Guthrie

    These sheet holders work much better than the strap style I’ve used in the past.

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