Electric Liquid Fluid Gasoline Petrol Fuel Siphon Transfer Pump

Battery Operated Electric Liquid Siphon Transfer Pump


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Battery Operated Electric Liquid Fluid Gasoline Petrol Fuel Siphon Transfer Pump

Are you tired of heavy lifting to transfer your liquid or fuel from one can to another?

Then bring this amazing battery operated liquid transfer pump and say bye to all pain and mess of heavy lifting or spilling fuel. You can operate this battery siphon pump with one hand or hands free. This battery operated gas siphon quickly and easily transfers gas, water, oil, fuel, and other non-corrosive liquids with no mess.

This handheld fluid transfer pump can be used to empty your emergency generator, for riding lawnmowers, in-yard and garden equipment, vehicles, construction machinery, cars, motorcycles, cleaning equipment, and much more.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Battery-Operated Hand Siphon Pump: This petrol transfer pump needs just 2 D batteries to operate. The cordless variants do not require batteries and it comes with a charging cable. Now move any kind of liquid at a very fast speed. You can transfer a gallon of liquid in less than 30 seconds. You can even increase the suctioning power with an impeller.
  • Powerful Transfer Siphon Pump: This powerful petrol transfer pump allows you to transfer all kinds of non-corrosive fuels and liquids with a flip of a switch. It has extra-long transfer suction available that reaches easily inside high cans, big water jugs, and other large tanks. Apart from this for further length and reach, an oversized transfer hose is provided.

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  • Made Up of High-Quality Material: Unlike other products in the market, this liquid pump transfer is made up of high-quality material with strict manufacturing processes to ensure that the liquid will not overflow from the tube. The sealing rubber of the motor of this battery powered gas siphon pump is made up of vulcanized rubber so that there will be no swelling reaction taking place while pumping gasoline.
  • Fast Suction Performance: This battery operated water transfer pump transfers any liquid at a fast speed. You just need to keep the end of this liquid hand pump in the water/fluid and press the on switch, and this unique fluid siphon pump will draw water/fluid through the pipe and pump it out of the hose within a few minutes.

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  • Portable: This battery operated siphon pump is very lightweight and portable. You can carry it with you wherever you want. Say no to wasting your liquid fuels as it helps in preventing leakage and overflow.
  • Wide Applications: This electric liquid transfer pump can be used for multiple purposes. This gasoline transfer pump has an adequate suction tube diameter that fits almost all fuel containers. You can use this liquid transfer pump at your home, in your garage, aquarium, and yard with different liquids.

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Suction Tube Size: 58 cm / 22.83 inches
  • Hose Pipe Length: 55 cm / 21.65 inches
  • Color: Blue and Red
  • Variants: Corded and Cordless

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Important Note:

  • It is recommended not to use this fluid siphon pump for high-viscosity fluid as the oil suction power will be weakened when apply to high-density fluid. Do not use it for corrosive fluid!

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Package Includes:

1 x Battery Operated Electric Liquid Fluid Gasoline Petrol Fuel Transfer Siphon Pump (Cordless / Wireless)


1 x 12V Liquid Petrol Fuel Fluid Gasoline Water Transfer Siphon Pump (Corded / Wired) With Charging Cable

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What are you waiting for? Just go through battery powered liquid transfer pump reviews by clicking on the review tab. This battery-powered liquid transfer pump allows you to transfer fuel or liquid easily.

This battery-operated fuel siphon pump can be used for hundreds of purposes like emptying water butts, draining out ponds and paddling pools, emptying and refilling fish tanks, clearing flooded basements and other areas, and much more.


Portable Electric Car Vehicle Fuel Gas Liquid Oil Suction Transfer Siphon Pump


Hand Fuel Pumps


Water / Oil / Petrol / Diesel / Gasoline / Gas / Fuel / Any Liquid / Any Fluid

Power Supply Options

Two Different Variants – 1) Cordless – Battery Operated and 2) Corded – 12v Car Charging Cable


Barrel Pump







Fit Type


Battery Type

2 x D Batteries Needed (Not Included In The Package)

8 reviews for Battery Operated Electric Liquid Siphon Transfer Pump

  1. T***m

    Works great other than having to buy multiple ‘D’ batteries.

  2. F***D

    Works really well for syphoning liquid from one place to another.

  3. K***l

    Works great at moving liquids. I have one to do water changes in the aquarium and one to move gas between containers. It moves about 2.5 gallons a minute and is easier than lifting and balancing containers. Not as fast as pouring but much less mess.

  4. Customer

    This pump works great. I can fill my 1.9 gallon cans in about 35 seconds with just the flip of a switch and no effort. No lifting the fuel can while holding a button to pour, no pumping a manual siphon, just put the siphon in the can, flip a switch, and wait for a few seconds.

  5. O***k

    Great purchase for any liquid emergency!

  6. T***a

    I use this to pump water out of a tank, and it’s easy to use and works fast. Only issue I have is that the tube is short so you might want to consider getting a separate hose you can connect it to uf you need to move liquids over a large distance. If you’re only using it to fill gas canisters or other containers, then it’s perfect as is.

  7. J***a

    Great idea this one! Put in the batteries put the pump in the gas can turn on as boom! Fill you tank. Ihave three of these and they are great one for regular gas, one for desil, one for two cycle gas. A gret buy! Never mess with those stupid gas nozzles again!!

  8. S***v


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