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Diversion Book Safes

Buy best fireproof & waterproof secret hidden diversion book safe box with password combination or key lock.Want to store your essentials at some secret hidden place that no one can guess?

This built-in secret hidden book safe with real pages is the one made for you. Now hide your valuables in this unique safe that looks like a book and nobody can even imagine that this is a fireproof book safe with a combination lock. This lockable real diversion book safe comes with a password or a key lock. 

Choose your favorite hollowed-out book safes from a variety of different book designs like Les Miserables book safeParis secret book storage lock boxLondon book safeAlice in wonderland book safethe new English dictionary secret book safe box, Paris hidden book safe large size with key lock, or pride and prejudice book safe.

These strong & compact secret small hidden steel diversion safes are ideal for safely storing money, passports, jewelry, handgun, and much more.

These locking book safes allow easy access to your valuables when you need them. These books with a built in safe come with two types of locks. You can choose as per your needs, and it will provide maximum security for your items.

Check out the full collection of our decoy bottle diversion safes.

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