Multi Tier Stacked Cake Piling Bracket Stand Support Structure Set

Multi-Layer Stacked Cake Piling Bracket Support Structure Set

Have you ever heard somebody saying baking is their passion, it brings them joy, a stress buster, pride, a way of getting along with their family? Yes, we have heard these too.

Most of the time our memories take us back to the golden days where our granny’s, mom, father’s, aunt’s baked scrumptious cakes, cupcakes for us in our childhood. So will you be for your children and grandchildren?

When you are good at baking, you would need to make more and you will not be able to settle at small ones. Everything in baking is very precise and measured. You can be sure that a cake would come out toothsome if you have not fouled any step. The only problem could be how to make more, how multi-tier them? You can be more creative with this “best cake support structure frame“.

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Baking is a form of self-expression. It’s not only about baking a cake, but it’s also about the joy, the calmness, and the peace of making you and the near ones happy that comes along with it. It’s double bewitching awesomeness, baking can make you happy and the baked product makes others happy.

Being in a job that does not need creativity, is surely going to keep you fulfilled and energized. You would love the creative freedom of having the right tools for baking luscious multi-tier cakes for your loved, near, and dear ones.

We would without any doubt have a list of cake recipes in our secret box but would have delayed baking them thinking of the mess and tediousness in making those tasty multi-tier cakes. “Multi-tier cake stand” would bring the professional baker in you. “multi-layer cake support set” will help you make a magnificent multi-tiered cake with ease. Leave the simple single tier cakes and elevate yourself to bake extraordinary cakes with our “multi-layer cake stand“.

How to make a multi-layer or multi-tier cake?

Making a single-tier cake and a multi-layer or multi-tier cake is not much different and quite an easy task when you have the right accessories and tools to keep the delicious sponge of fun intact.

Our product has 4 detachable parts. 1 base and 3 transparent sturdy tubes.

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Once you complete the base tier or the first tier of the cake, mark in three places where the second or the next tier of the cake should be placed. Now place the “multi-tiered cake stand” the tubes that will go inside the first layer of cake. The base of the “multi-level cake stand” will be on the surface of the first layer of cake.

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Now you can start making and placing the second or next tier of the cake and place it on top of the plastic base that comes along with the product.

You can reduce the height or the length of the transparent white tubes with regular scissors to the desired height of the cake needed.

Why should you buy a “tiered cake support system”?

> Food grade: The “stacked cake stand” is made of food-grade plastic, non-toxic and very safe to be used.

Sizes: You get various sizes as the diameter of the base plate 10cm,12cm,16cm,20cm,30cm. When you buy all of them you can make a 6-tiered cake.

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> Cleaning: They are made out of the best quality plastic, stain-resistant and detachable which makes cleaning of the “white cake stand” very easy.

Convenience: “Cake support frame” is extremely easy to use and they are sturdy enough to hold your yummy cake intact.

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Stacked cake stand” can be a classic gift to someone who has a passion for baking or you feel they should try their hands in baking cakes. “Cake support stand” is now available at a great offer price. Don’t forget to have a look at our reviews and buy them for yourself and lagniappe to your loved ones too.

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