Mountain River Fountain Waterfall Handicraft Backflow Incense Cone Burner

mountain river handicraft incense holder

Backflow Mountain River Waterfall Ceramic Handicraft Incense Holder

Incense! Who does not love a soothing fragrance, peace, positivity, and spirituality around them? That’s banging on what our “Mountain river incense holder” does.

Incense has a long long traditional history. People from almost all religions over the world use incense as a part of their day-to-day routine. The etymology of incense is dated back from the Latin word “in-candere” which means “to burn”. Incense has been used in various traditions addressing many reasons to bring in spirituality, enhance positive energy, bring calmness, freshen up the air, eradicating bad odor, keep away evil spirits and heal health issues as per Ayurveda through the fragrant smoke.

Incense is made out of extracts from flowers, resins, gums, roots, and pastes. The essence is later mixed with combusting wood dust or charcoal dust to bring it to a shape either in form of sticks, coils, loose powder, or cones. These incenses are placed in a heat resistant holder. Mostly they are made out of brass, bronze, or pottery(ceramic). So is our river incense holder is made out of ceramic.

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How to burn incense cones?

Ceramic backflow incense burner cones are not much different from the regular incense cones. The incense burner waterfall cones are in the shape of an egg. The base of the backflow cone is drilled and is broader when compared to the pointed top. The upper part of the cone is to be gently ignited and blown off when you find burns and ashes in the cone. Since the cone is drilled and has a small hole, the smoke will pass through the hole at the bottom.

How to use a waterfall incense burner?

Incense burners come in various designs. The most beautiful one is the ceramic waterfall incense burner. The incense burner waterfall is designed in the shape of a waterfall with five steps from where the herbal smoke would be pouring down. The incense cone is ignited and the hole in the bottom of the incense cone is placed in the holder plate. The unique incense holder has a knob-like thing holder plate. The cone hole has to be placed exactly onto the knob thus transmitting the smoke from the bottom of the cone, through the knob to the fountain steps appearing it to look like water pouring down the fountain.

Waterfall backflow incense burner not only exerts all the action that an incense burner does but is also visually mesmerizing.

One can be bedazzled by watching how the herbal smoke is passed through the fountain while attaining calmness and peace aromatically.

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Advantages of using a river incense holder:

  • Pottery incense burner spreads divinity, placidity, restfulness, and keeps you away from agitation, anxiousness, apprehensiveness, vexation, negativity, and tumult.
  • Cone incense burner helps to accelerate your immunity system.
  • It helps in cleansing your breathing passage and thereby aggrandizing your lung capacity.
  • It amplifies your sleep time and quality of sleep.
  • It supersizes your focus and pushes you to work productively.
  • Ceramic backflow incense burner can suit any backdrop. Be it your yoga or meditation room or a modern office.
  • The longevity of the aroma is much more than the regular incense cones. The fragrance lingers in your place throughout the day with few cones.

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General tips:

  • The waterfall incense burner is to be kept in a safe place. They undoubtedly a treat to the eyes but extremely fragile at the same time.
  • Best results are achieved when they are placed in a position where the airflow is less. Else the smoke is blown away instead of flowing through the incense waterfall burner.
  • Restrict access to children and toddlers.
  • Keep them in a heat resistant place.
  • Clean them with a moist cloth and pat dry with a clean dry cloth.

Ahh! We cannot think of any cons about the river incense holder. Then why wait to buy one.

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