Best Multi Use Micro Kitchen Can Silicone Colander Strainer Drainer Lid

Multi-Purpose Micro Kitchen Silicone Colander Strainer Drainer

Have you recently walked through a kitchen store without seeing silicone products everywhere? With some products, you might seem gratuitous, but they are the best material for colanders. All of us, the more the family and the gatherings become modest, aren’t we looking out for smaller kitchen gadgets and accessories?

Yes! “micro kitchen colander” is also one of the miniature versions of a colander.

This multi-use mini colander food mesh can make your cooking fast, fuss-free, efficient, and water-saving, and minimize wastage to a great extent. A silicone strainer will be an ideal gadget for any kitchen.

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The silicone colander is in the form of a cup. Made of silicone material, the colander is flexible and stretchy to an extent. The colander is not too flexible that it becomes floppy and loses its shape. They have many water droplets kind of holes which lets us strain the water from the can and water can also be poured through the holes for a re-wash of the beans or greens or tinned fruits.

Our silicone colander is a multi-purpose kitchen accessory. Have a look at various uses of our portable mini can drainer.

1) Strainer: The basic purpose of the silicon colander is to strain the liquid from tinned food like chickpeas, kidney beans, fruits, etc.

2) Lemon Strainer: A silicone colander strainer can be used to remove seeds from lemon juice. Place the colander in a glass and now squeeze the lemon in the colander.  this will remove the seeds for fresh lime juice without a mess.

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3) Infuser: Silicon colander can be used as an infuser. Take a cup of hot water, drop the desired herbs in the colander, and place the colander in the cup for a while.  Your herb-infused green tea or refreshing drink is ready!

4) Mess-Free Sink: Keep the colander upside down in the sink to keep your solids away from blocking your drains and leaving them clogged.

5) Scalding: Canned chickpeas, kidney beans, and tinned fruit drainer colanders are incredibly resistant to heat. You can boil a small number of beans or greens by placing the bean-filled colander in a boiling pot of water.

6) Ladle Holder: The silicon colanders can also be used as a ladle holder to keep your kitchen free of mess. Place the colander upside down and keep your used ladle resting on the colander.

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The best way to keep your kitchen tidy is by keeping all the kitchen gadgets and accessories in a clean closed place. This is possible only when you have accessories that are sleek and small that can fit into the racks. Hence go for a tool that is efficient and sleek. Don’t have a second thought buy our stretchy silicone can drainer lid.

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Advantages of having a silicon colander:

a) The design can fit any sized can, be it 66mm, 73mm, or 85mm cans. The silicon colander will fit very comfortably on the small and medium-sized cans and will fit the inner rim on the large cans.

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b) They are thumping heat resistant and thus can be used for heating, draining, and straining your favorite dish in one accessory.

c) They are a miniature version of a conventional colander. They are tiny so you can carry them handily even if you have planned outdoor cooking.

d) They are sleek, efficient, and look elegant.

e) The colanders are made of high-quality material, food-grade and non-toxic.

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f) Extremely easy to clean by hand or can be put in the dishwasher

g) Occupies very little space and can be placed one over the other.

h) They are multi-purpose and one accessory can accomplish various tasks for you.

i) They are available in various cool colors and are very safe to use.

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j) Available in 5 different colors light pink, apple green, light grey, medium grey, and dark grey.

You can either buy it as a combo or even a single piece at an affordable and discounted price for early birds.

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A creative multi-purpose kitchen colander is a must-have in every kitchen. Don’t think it’s hard to buy our “Food Grade Silicone Colander Strainer“.

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