Front Connect Magnetic Split Bridge Frame Clip Together Reading Glasses

Magnetic Frame Closure Bridge Snap Together Front Connect Reading Glasses

Are you fed up with finding your glasses when you need them?

Now here is the solution to your problem, these innovative magnetic bridge reading glasses. These glasses have a neck hanging design, can stay in place without misplacing, and you will never lose your glasses again.

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With the front magnetic connection, you simply need to pull your magnetic frames apart and let them hang conveniently around your neck. These magnetic split reading glasses are designed to give you a combination of comfort and reliability, as well as signature durability and accessibility.

These magnetic frame closure bridge snap-together front connect reading glasses are very lightweight and you can wear them all day long without any discomfort.

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Benefits Of Front Connect Reading Glasses:

Here is the list of benefits why you should buy this Magnetic Frame Closure Bridge Snap Together Front Connect Reading Glasses:

  • Front Magnetic Connection: These readers with magnetic bridges have a stylish neck hanging design with a front magnetic connection. The continuous temples form a wrap-around neckband so when you want to take them off, simply separate the eyepieces and let them hang around your neck. With this unique innovation, you will never misplace your readers again!
  • Form-Fitting Ergonomic Headband: These clip-together reading glasses are unisex having one size that fits all; it is a fully adjustable temple length of 7 ½” to 8 ¼” that ensures all-day comfort.
  • Anti-Slip & Durable Frame: These reading glasses snap in the front and are designed by experts in the field of optometry with a focus on durability, convenience, and customization, magnet frame reading glasses are made to provide you with long-lasting frame durability. The frame is made of TR 90 flexible material, acrylic lenses, and patented neodymium magnetic technology for a strong front connection.

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  • Blue Ray Filter & Anti-Reflective: The lenses used for these glasses that clip in front are optical-grade, shatter-proof resin (for high-end prescription glasses) in high definition and good transmittance.
  • Eyesight Protection: These reading glasses split bridge provide clear vision for elders with Presbyopia, as well as relieving eye strain, dryness, and discomfort with premium lenses. The lenses of our products easily pop out and can be replaced with most prescriptions.
  • 7 Different Magnifying Powers: These split frame glasses can be used for eye prescription from +1.00D – +4.00D for all needs. These glasses are available in different magnifying powers which can be used according to one’s requirements. Upgrade your reading experience with these cutting-edge eyeglasses today.

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  • Lightweight & Stylish: These front-connect reading glasses have high performance without sacrificing style; there is no extra burden when hanging on the neck or worn for the whole day. This glass is very lightweight and easy to wear for a whole day without any discomfort.
  • Money-Saver: One pair of magnetic bridge glasses can replace a lifetime of reading glasses. Thanks to its revolutionary magnetic technology that allows you to snap your pair of magnetic bridge reading glasses at the bridge when in use, and then have them hang conveniently around your neck whenever you don’t need them.
  • Gives a Stylish Look: These split reading glasses give a stylish design with a front magnetic connection. These reading glasses are best for anyone who has ever misplaced a pair of glasses.
  • Highly Elastic Frame: The frame of these reading glasses features high elasticity, high wearing quality, and good resistance to ripping when used for a long time. The frame is made up of TR 90 flexible material which is very easy to bend and quake-resistant but not easy to slide.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What are magnetic reading glasses?

Answer: Magnetic reading glasses split open from the nose bridge which is connected by two powerful magnets. Furthermore, the continuous side temples which form a neckband can rest on the neck with the lenses around your collar. These magnetic closure bridge reading glasses adopted advanced magnetic connection technology, when putting them on, the glasses will be magnetized and snapped together at the bridge, forming a non-slip single frame.

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Now never misplace your reading glasses again. These magnetic frame closure bridge snap-together front connect reading glasses are a combination of comfort, durability, and accessibility. It is fully adjustable fits all sizes and gives you complete comfort all day long. Due to its classical folding design, it is easy to use, store & carry. Get these magnetic reading glasses with our soft eyeglass pouches and hard eyeglass cases.

These exceptional reading glasses combine style, comfort, and convenience for an unparalleled reading experience. This unique front-connect design eliminates the need for traditional temple arms. Instead, the glasses feature a magnetic split bridge that securely clips together, allowing you to effortlessly put them on or take them off. No more fumbling with small screws or delicate hinges. This innovative feature ensures a hassle-free experience, especially for individuals who frequently need to switch between reading glasses and regular eyewear.

The lenses are of high quality, ensuring crystal-clear vision while reading. They come in different magnification strengths, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your visual needs.

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple pairs of glasses or losing your reading glasses around the house.

What are you waiting for? Just order online these amazing reading glasses with a magnetic bridge now before the stock lasts.

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