Floating Air Hover Ball Target Dart Shooting Game

Floating Air Hover Ball Target Dart Shooting Game

There is nothing happier than a fun-filled day with family and friends. In our busy schedule, we miss spending our time with our families.

How we can spend our quality time fun-filled with our family and friends?

Of course, the best way would be to play together and have fun. But in this modern world, with do many diversions like television, mobile, video games, a kind of fun-filled activity involving all people from old to young ones, is challenging.

In our childhood days, everyone used to play shooting by setting a target and see who has done well. We would have enjoyed it a lot and have a happy remembrance. Why can’t we create the same game now?

We have heard your concern. That’s why we redesigned the brand old game to the modern era for fun and enjoyment. Our floating ball shooting game is specifically designed to recreate your childhood memories and have a lot of fun with family and friends. Most of us can hit a static target but if we have a hovering target and try to hit it, we have a real thrill and fun.

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It is not only about the fun quotient, but it is also challenging, this would need a precise concentration and you would have to ascertain the speed of the ball and the distance it requires to give it a shot.

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What is in the game kit?

The hover ball shooting game comes with a target shooting gallery, a foam dart gun, floating balls, pedestal, knockdown targets, foam darts, and power cable, and a detailed assemble instruction.

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How to play a floating ball shooting game?

Push the foam dart into the muzzle of the gun. Aim for the target and press the trigger to release the soft bullet.

Play interchangeably with floating balls and knockdown targets to increase your accuracy.

You can set the wind speed for individual ping pong balls with the help of knobs. By keeping a different level of airflow, you can elevate the difficulty level of the game from beginners to intermediary to advanced. Play it alone to hone your shooting skills and concentration. Play with multiple people or as a group to promote emotional interaction, bonding, fun, and create a memory for a lifetime.

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  • Material & Ease Of Use: The materials used in a dart shooting game are made of high-end plastics and are 100% environmentally friendly. It is safe to use, easy to assemble and comes with long-lasting durability.
  • Safety: The foam darts, bullets are made of soft rubber and do not hurt anyone even when accidentally hits the body.
  • Powers System: The hover shooting game has a two-way power system. The product can be powered up either by a USB cable (included) or by 4 AA batteries (not included) when used outdoor.
  • Operation: It is way too easy to operate. You can control the wind speed and flow of the target. The target floats when the suspension blows the wind, all these operations in just one press button.
  • Bombs and Guns: 5 bombs/bullets are included in the package to target the air floating hover balls.

The floating ball target game is a nice way to spend our time happily unlocking ourselves from our regular work. At festivals and get-together, we could keep this hovering ball shooting game as an engaging activity to make get together more colorful and happier.

Is your child’s birthday about to come? Are you planning for a Christmas gift? Then, this hover target shooting game is a perfect gift for your child.

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The hover shot floating target game develops your child’s hand-eye coordination, visual spacing, and concentration. You can also use this hover shot target game as a practice ground to improve focus if you or your child practices for any sports activities.

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