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A chair! Isn’t it the first and foremost thing we look out for once we enter a place? Be it home, office, restaurant, or any visiting place? If it is our home or office we can reach our chair in no time even if our eyes were closed. The close connection is because of the comfort that we get out of that. Would you not love if a chair even more ergonomic and designed for comfort as well as for health reasons? Of course, who would not?

A good though should be executed. Buy our “Leather electric massage recliner chair”!

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Chairs are not a new product for us. They exist from as early as six or seven centuries BCE in ancient Egypt. From then the chairs were designed to support the back while not forgetting to keep them rich and comfortable with the right height, backrest, strong enough, and sturdy with armrest.

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During the early days, the chairs were made of rich materials like ebony, metals, and ivory making it heavily expensive for a common man to afford. Chairs have gone through a revolution of their own. Each phase of the chair in any part of the world when designed added a new flavor of comfort, healthier or more affordable. The newly designed chair would fall into any or all of the above categories. It has reached to the smallest person from being only for royals kinds. So is our “Leather recliner massage chairs”.

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As we said earlier chair designs, features, materials have gone through a lot of study and so many changes have been implemented. Though many a time they were designed with the right intention, the purpose had not been fulfilled, which led to discomfort, incorrectly designed, and they could enhance your existing body pain and backaches. Thus making it essential to choose the right chair. To choose the right chair and for the question of why to give so much importance to buy the right chair, you need to understand what could go wrong because of an incorrect chair. As most of us have the feeling “Aww just a chair” I bet. But let’s go through what our body wants and how they are impacted because of our sitting posture.

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Anatomy of our body while sitting

Sitting posture can place many stresses on our body. A properly aligned spine, promotes overall comfort, productivity, and endurance through hours of work and concentration. The act of sitting in a mechanical interaction. They involve the six most important body elements. And they are vertebrae, pelvis, discs between the vertebrae, skin, and muscles. The act of sitting is controlled and regulated by a complex interaction between the soft tissue structures and primary skeletal structures.

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The spine column and pelvis are the primary skeletal structures influencing the mechanics of postures. While the soft tissue structure is the intravertebral discs, discs, ligaments, and tendons.

The most important part of the body is the spinal cord or the spinal column. It consists of 24 intricate stakes of vertebral bones. While we are standing or sitting in an upright position, the spine naturally forms three curvatures. One in the neck, the other in the mid-back, and the last in the lower back. The base of the spine and pelvis can rotate forward and backward which would change the curvature of the lower back.

There are lots of joints and discs which are cushioned by soft tissues that give the spine the flexibility to move. Muscles of all shapes and sizes protect the spine from damage. Ligaments are tissues that connect the bone to bone and tendons are tissues that connect muscle to bone. A web of ligaments and tendons holds and connects the spine column from the neck to the lower back.

Skin and other tissues in the back need a constant flow of blood to keep them intact and healthy. Exposing too much to external pressure for long hours may pull in various damages to the back ranging from aches to discomfort to impeding the passing of nerve signals to the brain.

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What can a chair do, What should you look out for while buying a chair?

  • If a chair has enough back and pelvic rest, the lower back muscles relax to a great extent.
  • A good backrest can keep the lordotic shape of the lower back and the pelvic support can fill the space between the seat and the lower back.
  • If the backrest can be reclined it is even more advantageous, then the discs also would get some enormous relief as the weight barring role is shared equally by many parts of the skeletal structure, as an outcome the muscles are far less strained and stressed.
  • An act of sitting has a lot of stress on various parts of the body.
  • Two major factors for stress and strain to the back are,
    Firstly, the compressive forces that are experienced by the discs,
    Secondly, exertions that are static and sustained by the back muscles.
  • When a chair has the right support to cover these parts of the body a chair can be extremely comfortable and keep you healthy. Also, check out our slow rebound memory foam cervical neck support pillows that give you the best sleep every night.

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Why choose our power lift leather recliner chairs?

Do we cover all the points that we spoke about a while ago? Yes! A big yes!

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Experts from technology, medicine, and ergonomics designed the “Recliner chair with remote control”. Ergonomists reviewed many designs and prototypes by technicians to enhance and achieve simultaneous and apt support to each and different part of the body to arrive at a successful concept. Let’s take a virtual tour of our “Massage recliner sofa chair”, its features and design.

  • The power massage recliner chair is multifunctional.
  • The leather recliner with massage has a relaxing head and neck rest.
  • A massage point where your lower back would be placed.
  • A padded and comfortable armrest, knee, and leg rest that can be reclined.
  • The chair has various angles for various activities to be done in comfort.
  • The wide range of angles can be tilted and reclined in just one key control as the recliner chair is facilitated with remote control as well.
  • Leather recliner chair can be used while you are browsing the internet, read books, watch your favorite show on the television, listening to music, lying and sleeping, and help to stand up.
  • Recliner lift chair supports old aged and elderly people to stand up by slowly reclining forward at 85 degrees, which would be helpful in seamlessly standing up without putting much pressure on their back & knees.
  • The idea behind the various angles is for providing comfort for our regular activities which are done to relax and comfort from the stressful life. Like 110 degrees for browsing the internet, 125 degrees for relaxed reading, 140 degrees for watching television, 150 degrees for listening to music, and 160 degrees the maximum reclinable angle for lying down comfortably.
  • Sleeping recliner chair helps you to get sound sleep because your muscles, discs, and neck are very well supported by the design and hence they get relaxed in no time.
  • Two cup holders each in both the armrest.
  • One side pocket to keep your book, novels, or the USB charger.

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The attractive design tends us to place this chair where ever possible. They can be used as a bedroom recliner chair, office recliner chair, as a sleeper recliner chair, massage lounge chair, and so on. Leather massage recliner chair, when placed in an office, helps you in becoming more productive while you take care of your physic by the ergonomic design.

Our wide range of recliner models suits everyone’s budget. It is not anymore a precious product that selected few have. You can pull it off your choice within your budget.

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Our class of products comes in different colors that resonate with your taste. Unwind yourself at your own pace on our brown recliner chairs in your living room. Be it happiness, surprise, joy, or peace, enjoy your emotions with our product. With our black reclining chairs, give a business class looks to your room and office. Our recliner office chair is specifically designed to comfort yourself and rejuvenate in a short time.

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Advantages of buying our recliner chair:

Durable: Comfortable reclining chair is extremely sturdy and made of high-quality materials and can hold up to 300 lbs. Since the materials used are of high quality, and the leather recliner chair with remote control is long-lasting and very durable.

Skin-friendly: The PU leather is non-allergic and skin-friendly even for people with sensitive skin.

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Cleaning: Cleaning massage recliner sofa couch chair is as easy as a pie. Just wipe with a wet cloth and pat dry with a clean cloth. Your couch will be cleanest in just a few seconds.

Assembling: Massage recliner chair is awfully easy. The recliner chair comes in a dismantled form. Find the base piece that is the seater, look out for the backrest, match the knobs that are provided at the back of the seater and pull in the leather case to cover the knobs by sticking on the Velcro. In just two simple steps the recliner chair is ready to be used.

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Mobility: The leather massage recliner chair has wheels, which makes it blisteringly convenient to be moved from one place to another.

Colors: The leather reclining chair comes in two elegant and posh colors. Black and Brown.

Price: An extremely competitive price that anyone can afford.

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What else you look for? Our massage recliners sale is going at a great discount. Never miss this opportunity to get your recliners today. You can also take a look at our product reviews. You will be positively motivated to buy for health and comfort.

Buying our product is like a breeze, just a couple of clicks and you can own yours. Buck up and give it a shot. You would definitely enjoy a healthier couching.

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