Body Kun Chan Drawing Figure Poses Reference Artist Mannequin Dolls

Body Kun And Body Chan Drawing Figurines Poses Reference Artist Mannequin Models

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Body Kun and Body Chan drawing reference figures for an artist.

What are Body Kun and Body Chan?

When an artist is drawing a human figure, they would require a still as a reference for the pose they draw.

In the earlier days live, human beings were made to sit for hours together in a still position and they would be the reference pose and model for the artist. They had their limitations. The model was not able to sit for so long in a stretch and the model would be life-sized and the artist had to draw a miniature of the reference figure.

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Later the artist would hunt for poses online and would take a print of the poses as a reference figure. In this case, the reference model was not three dimensions. The artist had to take multiple images as a reference before they precised their drawings.

Then came the solution. The models were made of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). The flexible synthetic plastic assisted in achieving apt sizing, naturalistic, and articulated Kun and Chan models.

Body Kun is the male figure and Body Chan is the female figure for mannequin drawing. So buying Body Kun and Body Chan would solve most of the problems related to poses and drawing human anatomy.

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Advantages of buying drawing figure models:

Fully articulated: The mannequin body Kun and Chan are fully articulated. It is ridiculously easy to set or change the pose. The pose remains intact while the other pieces are moved during a pose change.

Multifariousness: The artist’s mannequin poses can be assembled in numerous ways. They have a fully articulated drawing mannequin body that helps the artist to visualize the pose as per their creativity.

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Size and Proportion: The body figure models are very apt in sizing and extremely precise in composition or the proportion of length, breadth, and width of each body part.

Quality and durability: Body Kun and Body Chan figurines are made of high-quality PVC and they are extremely durable. The rubbery texture and finish of each dismantlable part are classy, utmost smooth, and convenient to use.

Traditional and Dynamic Poses: The pose reference dolls have 30 articulated joints enabling the artist in making numerous poses as per their creativity.

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Accessories: Body Kun/Chan accessories have various attachments. The realistic artist mannequin is designed to suffice the posing needs of an artist and hence comes with a rich number of hands, fists, legs, and other accessories like a laptop, mobile phones, swords, etc.

Stand: The figure drawing mannequin package includes a pedestal stand. The stand itself has three varied holding positions to support the posing without any hindrance to the actual pose or structure. Not only that, the models can stand on their own too without the need for the pedestal stand.

Colors: Now Body Chan and Body Kun drawing mannequins are available in 4 different colors. Pale Orange, Grey, Orange, and Black.

Usage: The usage of these mannequin figures are not restricted to drawing alone. They can be used as play toys for children, as gifts, as decorative pieces, for drawing, for understanding shading, as photographic props, for designing characters for games, and so on.

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With body chan and body kun sketching would be so easy, real, and complete that you can use the model mannequins for all your poses. And with enormous lighting, the mannequins help the artist In achieving great shades in completing the sketching.

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