Best KO-GT6 Hard Knuckle Tactical Military Combat Work Shooting Gloves


New KO-GT6 Hard Knuckle Safety Combat Military Shooting Tactical Gloves

Better Safe Than Sorry

Do you want to keep your hands safe while you do a hard physical job?

Yes? Then this product is designed for you!

When it comes to protecting your hands, fingers, and knuckles what is the product that flashes your mind? Yeah, they are “Gloves”. We are talking about the uniquely featured product “KO-GT6 combat gloves“.

These hard knuckle tactical gloves are not like the regular gloves that are made of rubber which smells up long after you take them off, nor do they provide any protection from cuts, wounds, bruises, poking from sharp ends, etc.

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Throw them off and switch to our hard knuckle combat gloves.

When we think of any kind of gloves, we tend to incline our thoughts about their restrictive usage. A product is not always a lead-pipe cinch, but this product is.

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What are hard-knuckle gloves used for?

  • Predominantly the knuckle protection gloves are used for protecting your knuckles and fingers from undergoing a fracture when coming in contact with a stern object. Fingerless tactical gloves are also available just in case you need one!
  • Warm-up wear: Keep your hands warm, cozy, and comfortable when nature is showing up the possible cold wave.
  • Are you a passionate rider? Then there should undeniably be yours. These gloves protect you from pain, wounds, and accidents.
  • Defend yourself or someone? The weighted knuckle gloves can be used as a defensive tool. The hard shell in the knuckle can break anything that comes your way offensively.
  • Do you hike? If yes, keep a pair in your pockets handy. Our military tactical gloves would give you an extra grip and make your hiking safer and more exciting.

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  • The most common problem for a cyclist or a motorist is the pain or numbness they feel in their hands while holding the handlebar for a long time. These gloves will push off the pain and is a boon to accomplish your passion as a rider with comfort.
  • Cleaning or polishing your home? You would have to use your elbow grease to get your office or home cleaned. We can feel your bone. The result of our empathy is the product we have designed “Military combat gloves” to make your job easy.
  • Are you a vehement rock climber? Hurray! With our military tactical gloves have rock-like confidence and climb the rock with no fear of grip or safety. We are here to take care of your safety with our Ko-gt6 hard knuckle gloves.
  • Are you a hepped-up shooter? Shoot the bull’s eye with the best tactical shooting gloves, which is breathable, anti-slip, super grip gloves.

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Material and features:

  • Material: The best tactical gloves are made of microfiber, faux leather, high-resistant nylon, and velcro.
  • Placement: The combat gloves come in various sizes to accommodate the comfortable order of the gloves right in the knuckles and fingers. The fine stitching does not hinder or bother any part of your hands. The breathable mesh helps to keep your palm dry and sanitized.
  • Wrap Around Velcro: The wrist adjustment has a round velcro so that the gloves do not get displaced even after long hours of usage.
  • Durability: The material used is of high quality and ergonomically produced to suffice various categories of buyers.
  • Maintenance: The gloves are extremely easy to maintain. It dries fast and is water-resistant.
  • Variants: Full finger & half finger tactical gloves hard knuckle are available to cater to your various needs.

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