Best 360° Self Adjustable Double Sided Lazy Mop With Self Wringing Ability

Self Adjustable Double-Sided Lazy Mop With Self-Wringing Ability – One Solution For Cleanliness


Cleaning your home or office is a never-ending task. It is not easy and is a back-breaking job. Some people are not bothered about the clumsiness around them.

Are you working? Are you a new mother?  Do you have elderly or toddlers at home? Are you claustrophobic due to dust and dirt? Do you require the best solution to make your home clean?

Then definitely the self wringing double sided lazy mop is your go-to product. When you’re working, managing work and home needs great skills, and cleaning certainly needs more time. We are here to make your life better, neater, happier, and healthier.

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How to use a self wringing double sided lazy mop?

The double sided mop comes as 3 dismantled parts apart from 2 microfibre pads. Microfibre flat mop system is extremely easy to fix. Just screw a couple of bolts and put the microfibre pads onto the mop plates and it’s ready to use. Some of the special features that make double sided lazy mop unique.

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Features Of Double Sided Mop:

  • Simple to Use: The dual action microfibre flip mop head is 360° degree rotatable and hence it can be used effortlessly.
  • Efficient: The mop is double-sided and can be flipped facilely. One side can be used as a wet pad and the other side as a dry pad. As they are double-sided, it just takes half the time to clean any place. The microfibre pads absorb all the filthy dirt when compared to all the other products in the market.
  • Hygienic: Once cleaning is done, squeezing is the best part. You don’t have to touch the nasty dirty water as it is a “self squeezing mop“. With self wringing floor mop cleanliness is attained with clean hands.
  • Less Space: The microfibre flip mop occupies very less storage space, so you don’t have to find an appropriate place to keep your 360 degrees double sided lazy mop. The mop is designed to stand vertically on its own. Ahh! Don’t worry about the mop plates, they can also be bounced back to be tilted vertically.
  • Flexible to Use: It’s extremely pliant. Its multipurpose mob plates are designed to clean the floor, ceiling, and sides of the walls, and where not? It is 360° degrees rotatable, so it can be used to strike the places that are not reachable. The specially made mop easily rotates and adjusts itself to the corners, where we have to strain ourselves to get it cleaned. The long stainless rod with a soft handle flexibly enables you to clean the room corners, underneath sofa sets, and without bending with ease.
  • Cheap:  It’s cost-saving. You don’t have to go all the way to the home shop to buy a whole lot of cleaning tools to dump your space and that would clean your pockets and not your home or office.
  • Reusable: It is environmentally friendly. The microfibre pads are washable and reusable at no additional cost.


The 360 degrees double sided mop can clean any kind of surface. Be it wood, polished wood, hard surface, and what not? Enjoy cleaning with our 360 degrees mop. No more, it is a tough task to bend and clean nooks and corners of the room. With our 360 automatic swirl mops, cleaning has become a lot easier.

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Being a new mother is a blessing, but for a mother, cleanliness is undeniably a concern. Throw away your worry! we are here with our double sided mop which will keep your place extremely tidy and you would have a lot of time to spend with your little bambino.

When toddlers are around, the place can be the messiest that you have ever witnessed. Spilled coffees/tea, mud, water, but don’t you bother! Just capture the twinkling eyes and the smile on your young child’s face. Rest we shall help you keep the place germ and dust-free.


Are you aged or do you have elderly people at home? Either way, assembling and cleaning the muddled place are as easy as reading the self wringing double-sided lazy mob instructions.

By reading the double-sided lazy mob reviews you would certainly conclude that ours is “the best self-wringing mop” you could have come across in the market.

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Best 360° Self Wringing Adjustable Flat Double Sided Lazy Microfiber Dust Mops.

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