3D Printed Rechargeable Glowing Lunar Moon Globe Lamp Night Light

16 Colors 3D Printed Rechargeable Glowing Lunar Moon Lamp Night Light

Have you sensed a mystery when you see or think of moonlight? Any object that is drenched in it looks the same yet different, peaceful, and cold. All of us would have gone through various sites to see how the moon looks, the color of the moon, and its texture. The moon has always taken a fond place in our hearts, imagination, and our day-to-day routine.

What would be your emotion if you could get to see the nearest possible look and feel of a moon on your table-top, or if you can give your little moppet a miniature of the moon to play with while you are narrating stories about the cold lights, almost resembling a silver ball in its pure whiteness?

Yes! we could sense your excitement. Go for “Realistic moon lamp”!

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What is a 3D moon night light?

The lunar lamp is a night light that is designed to replicate the closest possible look of the enchanting orbit of the moon. The latest technology has helped the creators to depict the look and feel of the moon. It is done with the help of stacking multiple layers that are printed using 3D technology. Placing these thin printed layers one by one, over the other brings the look of the moon in the skies. The outer layer of the lunar moonlight brings the feel of the impact crater, lava flows, and some visuals that only sky gazers have noticed.

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What should you heed while you are buying a moon night light lamp?

Moonlight does not fail to fascinate anybody. No age group doesn’t fall under this category. The lunar moon lamp is designed for this purpose but indoors. What should you be mindful of before you bring your “dream” home?

Charging ports: There are umpteen lunar moon lamps available in the market. You should pick one which has a USB charging port and not the external battery-operated one. The one that has a USB charging port is fully hemispherical in shape, while the one with a battery has a bend to accommodate the battery case. This does spoil the look of the lunar lamp. The USB charging port is the safest and most cost-effective too.

Battery: Ensure to pick the moonlight lamp that has a built-in battery which is large and rechargeable too. With this feature, you can without a doubt give the product to your children and also you can be sure of the safety and they will last long as well. It is also very convenient to carry wherever you want and with no additional cost, spending on battery. You can recharge and enjoy your portable moonlight.

Texture: As we discussed earlier 3D moon lamps are printed layers of transparent and semi-transparent sheets while printing if the producers have taken more darker shades. The result of the product could also appear dark. This when lit up will not necessarily look like a realistic moon lamp. Thus, be cinched to buy a 3D printed moonlight that has a lighter shade and the clearest texture. The clearer the texture the more realistic moon would in your indoors.

Material: There are various similar products out in the market. Make sure to choose the one that is made of eco-friendly material and not environmentally harmful. By doing this you take the right path of saving nature and holding your dream by ignoring toxins consciously. Most likely this product will be the new favorite for your little ones and it is the best option to keep them away from harmful and poisonous toxins.

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Features that incites to buy our product:

  • The moonlight lamp has a USB charging port and hence can be charged anywhere and downright safe.
  • The moon globe light is completely round in shape and not occupying space for the battery since it has a tiny USB port and an in-built battery for charging.
  • The 3D printing moon lamp is made up of eco-friendly materials and thus has the closest texture matching the glowing moon of the sky.
  • The moon desk lamp is very precise in all the sizes available to accommodate the free space in your home.
  • The lamp has both a touchpoint and a remote facility for the convenience of the buyer.
  • The built-in battery is extremely efficient, charge for 2-4 hours and get mesmerized for the next 10-12 hours (depends on the brightness).
  • Similar moon-shaped lights that are available in the market have only 2 lighting options. White and yellow. But our product can glow in 16 colors.
  • The touchpoint can also be used to change color.
  • The 3D printing moon lamp has 4 various modes to operate based on your requirement.
    • The flash mode: 7 RGB colors jump randomly.
    • The fade mode: gradient 7 RGB colors.
    • Smooth mode: RGB 3 colored gradient
    • Strobe mode: 3 RGB colors jump randomly.
  • Each color can be separately adjusted for its brightness, from dim to brightest.

General tips and safety measures:

  • Do not let children unattended while the moon night light is charging.
  • Ensure to charge the lamp in a safe place or position.
  • The touchpoint can be used to change color.
  • The battery is powerful and may drain based on the brightness level you choose.
  • The battery may last 10-12 hours in the dimmest setting of some shades.
  • The product is lightweight and fragile, hence handle with care.

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Why should you pick up one?

  • This cute little thing can please anyone and elevate their mood.
  • This can be the best gift possible, irrespective of the occasion. Be it birthday’s, anniversary’s, valentine’s day or if you are an aesthetic thing collector or a stargazer, or if you just love a cozy and warm place with such lighting.

Where can you buy this enthralling lunar moon lamp?

Right here! In just a few clicks, the moon and the moonlight will all be a hand distance away, all days of the week even if it is a no moon day. You would stop looking at the skies for the moon and end up looking at your table for elfin.

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